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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 28

Lich Room ID: 355

imposing black granite fortress with ruined towers bearing barbed iron spires

Scarletowl's Weaponry

Main Room

Welcome to The Scarlet Owl ~*~ Updated 12/19 All sales benefit Twilight Hall and its members Members may contact Fromer or Rolfard to sell their wares Bazzelwyn gloves in the maiden, 4x fusion items on the counter! (All are +20 enchant with 2 empty chambers) Individually sold 100% Chrisms in the west room of the shop (owl-shaped gems)!
All are bright

in the maiden
some mithril chain mail - 0
some light leather - 0
a large rowan runestaff - 90,000
an embossed vultite aegis - 100,000
a brilliant smoky topaz medallion - 400,000
some scarred full leather - 500,000
a gold-tipped mithril short sword - 500,000
some old light leather - 500,000
some light leather - 500,000
a glistening rowan runestaff - 500,000
a bent mossbark runestaff - 500,000
a polished ora chain hauberk - 500,000
some old ora chain mail - 500,000
a sharp vultite short sword - 500,000
a ruby-pommeled ora broadsword - 900,000
a silver-nocked mossbark light crossbow - 900,000
a gold-hilted vultite backsword - 900,000
a birch-handled vultite battle axe - 3,990,000

on the counter
a small statue - 24,000
a small statue - 24,000
a small statue - 24,000
a corroded vaalorn short sword - 140,000
a leather-bound bleached orase crook - 210,000
a lump of krodera ore - 500,000
a dented mossbark runestaff - 900,000

Scarletowl's Outfitting

East Room

Welcome to the Twilight Hall house shop Heavy Quartz Orbs have 35-38 charges Small Statues have 32-34 charges No finer archmage charged items in the lands!

in the armoire
a gorveneh potion - 50,000
a rhiveneh potion - 50,000
a beryl-inset pewter crown - 100,000
a silver owl-shaped infuser - 100,000
a glimmering sanguine potion - 250,000
a silver-traced sleek bronze monocle - 300,000
a silver-traced sleek bronze monocle - 300,000

on the counter
a thin silver syringe - 15,000
a dull gold coin - 18,000
a dull gold coin - 18,000
a goblet of red Faendryl wine - 20,000
a heavy quartz orb - 20,000
a heavy quartz orb - 20,000
a heavy quartz orb - 20,000
a heavy quartz orb - 20,000
a heavy quartz orb - 20,000
a heavy quartz orb - 20,000
a colorful clay talisman - 30,000
a painted clay talisman - 40,000
some polished imflass double chain - 100,000
some polished spiked mithril chain mail - 100,000

Scarletowl's Magic Shoppe

West Room

Welcome to the Twilight Hall House Shop! All proceeds benefit the house Heavy Quartz Orbs have 37-40 charges NEW Hollow Quartz Orbs are 4 pounds lighter Small Statues have 32-34 charges No finer Archmage charged items in the lands! NEW HW Magnificent Skins in Bundles of 5

in the cabinet
a dull gold coin - 15,000
a hollowed quartz orb - 28,000
a hollowed quartz orb - 28,000
a hollowed quartz orb - 28,000
an ivy-wrapped pale bone wand - 40,000
a gold-hinged leather book - 400,000
a beige dagswain cape with red-stitched geometric designs - 1,300,000
an aqua moreen cape woven with cobalt blue threads - 1,300,000
an ahmdir blue yierka wool cape - 1,500,000
a sharply-curved faenor hand-hook reinforced with snakeskin - 2,200,000

in the case
a hollowed quartz orb - 28,000
a peridot studded pewter clasp - 90,000
a star ruby inset copper bracer - 90,000
a glowing shadowglass phylactery - 90,000
an ivory-inlaid star ruby earcuff - 90,000
a petal-cut blue dreamstone tiara - 900,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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