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Advanced Search

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This search is extremely powerful and flexible, able to search for almost anything, but there is a learning curve in using it. You have to know what you're looking for and how to phrase things. You can search for anything, you can use the + sign to make words mandatory, and you can use the - sign to indicate words you do not want to appear.

Some Search Examples

To search for an enchant

Always use +"bonus of +20" like that, changing the plus 20 to whatever you want. If you want to search for multiple enchants remove the first plus sign and search like this "bonus of +25" "bonus of +30" "bonus of +35" (that search would find all 5x-7x gear).

To search for an enhancive

All enhancives have the word "enhancive" in their description so just adding +enhancive to your search will do it. Then add the name of the skill or bonus you are searching for. Search for multiple enhancives at once by adding multiple skill names.

To search for shields

Search for "medium shield" or "small shield" or "large shield"

To search for armor

Simply search for +armor, if you only want armor that doesn't cover the head, include -head, if you want armor accessories include -"around your chest", if you don't want armor accessories, include +"around your chest". Add keywords like +"rigid leather armor" or +"chain armor" or +"soft leather armor" or +"plate armor" to denote certain armor groups.

To search for flares

Search for the word +infused which appears in all flaring weapons and armor.

To search for a spell or scroll

Simply search for the spell number such as 618 or, to get imbeddables AND scrolls, search for the spell name, such as "Elemental Wave".


  • +"bonus of +12" +infused +"skill in edged" Finds all edged weapons that are +12 with flares.
  • +infused -weapons -head Finds all flaring armor that doesn't cover your head.
  • +enhancive dexterity "spell aiming" Finds all enhancive items that bonus either dexterity or spell aiming.
  • +"medium shield" +spiked +"bonus of +20" Finds all 4x medium shields that are spiked.