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GS4 Herbs

Here is a list of all herbs in the game I have data for. Not all of these are used in alchemy recipes. If you click on a herb you can get a list of which visual foraging maps it appears on. Visual Foraging is currently down of course, but this will atleast let you know in which map to search for the herb you're looking for.


(color) clover blossom (color) passionflower
(color) poppy acantha leaf acantha leaf';select * from rooms;
alder bark alligator lily aloaes stem
aloeas stem alyssum ambrominas leaf
an ear of corn anal beeds angelica root
arctic brambles arctic moss ayana berry
ayana leaf ayana lichen ayana root
ayana weed ayana'al leaf ayana'al lichen
baneberry barley grass basal moss
bearberries beechnut begonia
black acorn black h black hook mushroom
black mushroom black trafel mushroom black trafel mushrooms
black-tipped wyrm thorn blackened moss blackgrove root
blaestonberry blossom bleeding heart rose bleeding-heart
bloodthorn stem bloodwood twig blossom
blue mold blue moss blue pasionflower
blue passionflower blue poppy blue trafel mushroom
blue water lily blue whortleberry bluebells
Blueberries bolmara lichen bolmara moss
bolmara root bone mushroom bougainvillea blossom
boxwood branch of kerria branches of kerria
bright red cranberry bright red teaberry broken twig
brostheras grass buckthorn berry bunch of wild grapes
bur-clover leaf bur-clover root butterflyweed
cactacae spine cactus flower cactus-bloom
calamia fruit calamintha blossom calmintha flower
carrot cattail cave moss
chicory chokecherry clematis
clover blossom cluster of cluster of butterflyweed
cluster of gorse cluster of woad l cluster of woad leaves
coppery rain lily corn cothinar flower
cranberry crimson dragonstalk crocus
crowberry cuctucae berry currant
currants daggerstalk mushro daggerstalk mushroom
daggit root daisy dandelion
dark pink rain l dark pink rain lily deep pink rain lily
dingleberry discolored fleshbinder bud drakefern
ear of corn ebon twig ebony twig
edelweiss elanthian snow rose elderberries
ephlox moss fairy primrose fennel
fennel bulb fetid black slime feverfern stalk
fiddlehead fiddlehead fern fig
fire lily firethorn root flaming violet
flathead mushroom flathead mushrooms flatheadmushroom
fragrant fragrant white lily freesia flowers
frostflower frostweed gengew mushroom
genkew mushroom giant glowing toadstool ginger root
ginkgo nut glowing firefly glowing green lichen
glowing toadstool gok nut golden aster
golden buttercup golden flaeshorn berry golden hook mushroom
golden poppy goldenrod gooseberry
grapes green mold green tomato
handful of blueberries handful of currants handful of elderberries
handful of huckleberries handful of mustard seeds handful of oats
handful of pine needles handful of pinenuts handful of raspberries
handful of snowberries handful of walnuts handfull of currants
handfull of huckleberries handfull of oats handfull of raspberries
haphip root heath aster holly
honeysuckle vine hosta flower huckleberries
hydrangea ice tulip iceblossom
imaera's lace imaeras lace iris blossom
ironfern root ivy jasmine
juicy plum kylan berry lace
lady slipper blossom large black toadstool large sunflower
large white gardenia larkspur lavend
lavender layer of onion skin lettuce
light blue hydrangea lingonberry loganberry
longgrass luckbloom blossom luminescent green fungus
manroot stalk marallis berry mass of congealed slime
mezereon bark mistletoe mistweed
mold monkey grass monkeyflower
moonflower moonlight cactus-bloom motherwort
mountain dryan mournbloom murdroot
murdroot found murkweed mushroom knob
mustard seeds nettle leaf nightbloom blossom
nightshade berry oak twig onion skin
oozing fleshsore bulb orange begonia orange heleconia
orange heliconia orange rowanberry orange tiger lily
orange tomato orchil lichen orris root
oxblood lily pale thornberry pale yellow daffodil
pansy blossom peapod pennyroyal stem
pepperthorn root petrified shadowstalk pine cone
pine needles pinenuts pink begonia
pink clover blossom pink heliconia pink hydrangea
pink mold pink passionflower pink peony
pink petunia pink poppy pink rain lily
pink water lily plum pothinir grass
primrose pumpkin purple clover blossom
purple crocus purple eggplant purple hydrangea
purple mold purple passionflower purple petunia
purple poppy raspberries red begonia
red clover blossom red clover blossoms red heliconia
red lichen red mold red passionflower
red poppy red teaberry red tomato
red trafel mushroom red vornalite mushroom red winterberry
reeds rockberry rose-marrow root
rosemary rotting bile green fleshbulb round white eggplant
sagebrush root sassafras leaf sassafras leaf.
sassasfras leaf shadowlace moss silver-edged fern
sky-blue delphinuris slender twig slime-covered grave blossom
small anemone small apple small banana
small branch of acacia small carnation small daisy
small dandelion small flower small green olive
small loganberry small peapod small primrose
small pumpkin small rose small turnip
small violet small wild rose snapdragon stalk
snow lily snow pansy snowberries
snowberries (handful of) soft white mushroom sovyn clove
spearmint spearmint leaf spider lily
spig of alyssum sponge mushroom spotted heart mushroom
sprig of phlox sprig of alyssum sprig of amaranth
sprig of bleeding heart sprig of bleeding-heart sprig of boxwood
sprig of clematis sprig of columbine sprig of edelweiss
sprig of foxglove sprig of heliotrope sprig of hellebore
sprig of holly sprig of imaera's lace sprig of imaera\'s lace
sprig of ivy sprig of jasmine sprig of larkspur
sprig of lavender sprig of mistletoe sprig of mournbloom
sprig of rosemary sprig of sky-blue delphinuris sprig of sneezeweed
sprig of thanot sprig of wild lilac sprig of wild liliac
sprig of wild phlox stalk of bluebells stalk of burdock
stalk of cattail stalk of chicory stalk of drakefern
stalk of goldenrod stalk of monkeyflower stalk of tuberose
stalk of wormwood stargazer lily stem of freesia flowers
stem of verbena stick stick (various)
strand of seaweed strigae cactus striped heart mushroom
striped heart mushrooms striped tomato strof seaweed
sunburst blosom sunburst blossom sunflower
sweetfern stalk talneo root tarweed plant
teaberry tendril of vinca the pepperthorn root one lights up.
thornberry thyme tiger lily
tkaro root torban leaf traesharm berry
tree bark trollfear mushroom tuberose
tundra grass twisted black mawflower twisted twig
valerian root verbena vermilion fire lily
vermillion fire lily violet walnuts
water water chestnut water chestnuts
wavepetal bloss wavepetal blossom wheat grass
white alligator lily white baneberry white begonia
white clover blossom white eggplant white hook mushroom
white hydrangea white lily white mold
white passionflower white peony white petunia
white poppy white spider lily white water lily
whortleberry wild beechnut wild carrot
wild chokecherry wild gooseberries wild gooseberry
wild grape wild grapes wild lilac
wild orchid wild pansy blossom wild phlox
wild pink geranium wild rose wild sage
wild strawberry wild tulip willow twig
wingstem root winter rose wintergreen leaf
wiregrass witchwood twig withered black mushroom
withered black mushroom. withered black musrooms withered deathblossom
woad leaves wolfsbane root wolifrew lichen
wood violet wormwood woth flower
wyrm thorn wyrmwood bark yabathil
yabathilium fruit yellow clover blossom yellow heliconia
yellow mold yellow passionflower yellow poppy
yellow primrose yellow tomato yellow water lily
yew twig

This MMORPG fan website was created to house alchemy data for the roleplaying game GS4 by Simutronics.