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ayana leaf

Forage ayana leaf at the following locations: EN-taillistim, EN-fearling, RR-riversrest, WL-wehnimers, EN-sylvarraend, homes5, WL-gates, EN-sapphire, EN-tavaalor, WL-mineroad, homes1, homes2, WL-catacombs, frostacres, EN-zul-logoth, VO-trail, TI-teras,

ayana leaf is found in the following recipes:

Submitted Comments:

Querthose says:
Foragable in natural nodes (the Small Park in Landing and the Dais in Illistim, for example). You forage for an ayana leaf, but depending on the area it may be lichen, a berry, etc. They're all interchangable.

Ghirra says:
Among places I've foraged this: Landing TSC, Small Park, Niche, Voln, Hearthstone Steps. Northern Caravansary Green. There's also a room in the wedding glade area and 4 in Mist Harbor in the residential area.

small daisy says:

small daisy says:

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