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greater wisdom potion

Submitted by Kaedra

The recipe given is as follows: add water, add wood violet, add split-back pink conch shell, infuse mana, add ayana leaf, add powdered uncut diamond, simmer, add n\'ayanad crystal, add essence of mind and refract moonlight through a amethyst lens.

Approximate Difficulty: Rank 62
Alchemy Discipline: Potions
Guild Taught: Cleric (doesn't mean exclusively)

You will need...:

  1. ingredient water (x1)
  2. ingredient wood violet (x1)
  3. ingredient split-back pink conch shell (x1)
  4. infuse mana (x1)
  5. ingredient ayana leaf (x1)
  6. ingredient powdered uncut diamond (x1)
  7. Simmer (x1)
  8. ingredient n'ayanad crystal (x1)
  9. ingredient essence of mind (x1)
  10. Refract Light & Seal (x1)

Submitted Comments:

What does it actually do?

+10 wisdom, min level 40.

Where do you get the split-back pink conch shell from?

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