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GS4 Alchemy Ingredients

Here is the list of all ingredients I have datapoints for. Some ingredients will not be featured in any recipes, but we're still collecting data on them. So if you submit a recipe all the ingredients in it will automatically be added. If however you find what you know (use ALCHEMY EXAMINE) is an ingredient, then feel free to submit it directly and it will be added to this list.


(amber)wand oil acantha leaf add powder solution
add powdered rock crystal almandine garnet aloeas stem
amber-hued oil ambrominas leaf an essence shard
Ayana Crystal ayana leaf ayana'al leaf
ayanad crystal azurite basilisk crest from crested basilisk
bear hide bear hide from black bears bear paw from red bears
bestial soulstone black dreamstone black jasper
black leopard paw black sphene black tourmaline
blessed oil blessed water blood red garnet
bloodwood twig blue lapis lazuli blue lapis lazulu
blue mist-shrouded crystal blue poppy blue sapphire
blue star-shaped riftshard blue tourmaline blue trafel mushroom
blueberries boar tusk Bright Bluerock
bright chrysoberyl gem bright violet feystone brilliant fire pearl
brostheras grass brown sphene calamia fruit
cat's eye moonstone cave moss centaur hide
charcoal cinnabar crystal citrine quartz
clear dye base clear topaz clear tourmaline
Clear Water clear zircon cloudy crystal
coarse glittering earth coarse ivory dust cockatrice plume
cougar tail cracked soulstone crimson bezoar
crimson dragonstalk crushed skeletal giant bone crystal colution
crystal core crystal core essence crystaline solution
crystalline sollution crystalline solution cyclops eye
cystalline solution Dark glimmering crystal dark glittering powder
dark shadow-shrouded crystal deep blue eostone ebony twig
Elanthian snow rose elemenal core Elemental Core
essence of air Essence of Body essence of earth
essence of fire essence of firethorn essence of mind
essence of regeneration essence of soul essence of vitality
essence of water essence shard faeroth fang
faint mote of soul Faintly Glimmering Dust faintly glowing dust
Faintly Glowing Worm Skin faintly radiant dust faintly shimmering dust
fairy primrose farlook vitreous humor fenghai fur
fetid black slime fiery jacinth fine alabaster dust
finely ground haphip root fire cat claws flask of pure oil
fragrant white lily genkew mushroom ghoul finger
ghoul nail ghoul nail from lesser ghouls ghoul scraping
giant glowing toadstool giant skin glimmering blue essence dust
glimmering blue essence shard glimmering blue mote of essence Glimmering Essence Dust
glimmering essence shard glimmering mote of essence glimmering mote of essense
glistening black eye glowing essence dust glowing essence shard
glowing firefly glowing mineral water glowing mote of essence
glowing violet essence dust glowing violet essence shard glowing violet mote of essence
glowing white powder goat hoof gold dust
gold nugget (powdered) golden amber golden aster
Golden Beryl Gem golden hook mushroom golden moonstone
golden topaz golem bone green garnet
green malachite stone green sapphire green starstone
green starstone (powdered) green tourmaline ground alder bark
ground angelica root ground arctic moss ground ayana
ground ayana leaf ground barley grass ground basal moss
ground blackened moss ground bloodthorn stem ground blue moss
ground bolmara lichen ground bone mushroom ground bur-clover root
ground cactacae spine ground charcoal ground cothinar flower
ground cuctucae berry ground ephlox moss ground flathead mushroom
ground ginger root ground glowing toadstool ground green fungus
ground green lichen ground haphip root ground ironfen root
ground ironfern root ground longgrass ground marallis berry
ground murdroot ground oats ground orchil lichen
ground petrified shadowstalk ground red lichen ground red trafel mushroom
ground rose-marrow root ground shadowlace moss ground sovyn clove
ground sponge mushroom ground strigae cactus Ground Sweetfern Stalk
ground talneo root Ground Tkaro Root ground trollfear mushroom
ground valerian root ground wheat grass ground wingstem root
ground woad leaves ground wolifrew lichen ground wyrm thorn
ground yabathilium fruit hair dye base hazy brown liquid essence
hazy green liquid essence hazy grey liquid essence Heath Aster
Inky Necrotic Core iridescent piece of mother-of-pearl iron dust
jagged crimson crystal jagged translucent crystal kappa fin
kiramon tongue from kiramon defenders kobold skin large troll tooth
limpid dye base luckbloom blossom lump of grey ambergris
madrinol skin mammoth arachnid mandible mangy kobold scalp
mashed alligator lily mashed blue passionflower mashed blue poppy
mashed bluebells mashed coppery rain lily mashed flaeshorn berry
mashed golden buttercup mashed gorse mashed juicy plum
mashed large white gardenia mashed moonlight cactus-bloom mashed mournbloom
mashed nightshade berry mashed onion skin mashed orange begonia
mashed pale yellow daffodil mashed pink rain lily mashed primrose
mashed purple poppy mashed red clover blossom mashed red cranberry
mashed red passionflower mashed red poppy mashed sneezeweed
mashed sprig of wild lilac mashed stargazer lily mashed tiger lily
mashed white hydrangea mashed wood violet mashed yellow clover blossom
mass of congealed slime minor holy oil mist wraith eye
mithril dust mottled faeroth crest mountain lion skin
mummy's shroud murdroot murdroot extract
myklian scale n'ayanad crystal nightbloom blossom
Oak Twig ogre nose ogre tooth
orange spessartine garnet orc knuckle pale blue runed crystal shard
pale translucent dust peach glimaerstone pearlescent oil
pepperthorn root perfect myklian belly scale piece of brown jade
pinch of gold dust pine cone pinenuts
pink hydrangea pink rhodochrosite stone pink rhodocrosite stone
pink sapphire pink topaz plains lion skin
Polished Pink Coral pothinir grass powder solution
powder solution (sand-like liquid) powdered aquamarine gem powdered aster opal
Powdered black jasper powdered black opal powdered black pearl
powdered blue coral powdered blue diamond powdered blue lace agate
powdered blue lapis lazuli powdered blue moonstone powdered blue peridot
powdered blue sapphire powdered blue spinel powdered blue starstone
powdered blue tourmaline powdered brilliant fire pearl powdered cat's-eye moonstone
powdered cats-eye moonstone powdered charcoal powdered clear glimaerstone
powdered clear sapphire powdered clear tourmaline powdered cloud agate
powdered copper fang powdered dark red-green bloodstone powdered dark reg-green bloodstone
powdered deep blue mermaid's tear sapphire powdered deep purple amethyst powdered dragon's-tear diamond
powdered dragonfire opal powdered dragonseye sapphire powdered emerald blazestar
powdered faceted crystal crab shell powdered fiery jacinth Powdered Fire Agate
powdered fire opal powdered frost agate powdered glossy black doomstone
powdered golden amber powdered golden beryl gem powdered golden topaz
powdered green garnet powdered green jade powdered green malachite stone
powdered green peridot powdered green sphene powdered green tourmaline
powdered grey ambergris powdered grey chalcedony powdered grey pearl
powdered iridescent labradorite stone powdered iridescent tempest shell powdered Kezmonian honey beryl
powdered large yellow diamond powdered lavender shimmarglin sapphire powdered lump of black ambergris
powdered lump of grey ambergris powdered moonglae opal powdered olivine faenor-bloom
powdered orange imperial topaz powdered orange spessartine garnet powdered pale blue moonstone
powdered pale green moonstone powdered pale water sapphire powdered pearl nautilus shell
powdered pink dreamstone powdered pink pearl powdered pink rhodochrosite stone
powdered pink topaz powdered pink tourmaline powdered polishe blue coral
powdered polished red coral powdered purple-cap cowrie shell powdered rainbow quartz
powdered rock crystal powdered ruby-lined nassa shell powdered sea urchin shell
powdered selanthan bloodjewel powdered shimmertine shard powdered silver fang
powdered silvery conch shell powdered skeleton bone powdered smoky topaz
powdered snake-head cowrie shell powdered sparkling silvery conch shell powdered spiderweb turquoise
powdered star ruby powdered star sapphire powdered swirling aetherstone
powdered sylvarraend ruby powdered turqoise stone powdered turquoise stone
powdered uncut diamond powdered uncut emerald powdered uncut maernstrike diamond
powdered uncut ruby powdered uncut star-of-Tamzyrr diamond Powdered violet sapphire
powdered walnuts powdered water chestnut powdered waxy grey caederine
powdered white chalcedony powdered white clam shell powdered white jade
powdered white marble powdered white opal powdered white pearl
powdered white starstone powdered white sunstone powdered wild beechnut
powdered wraith talon powdered yellow hyacinth powdered yellow jade
powdered yellow sapphire powdered yellow sunstone prismatic shard (shimmering)
pristine nymph's hair pristine siren's hair pristine sprite's hair
pure oil Pure Water quartz sand
radiant crimson essence dust radiant crimson essence shard radiant crimson mote of essence
radiant essence dust radiant mote of essence radiant white soulstone
rainbow quartz red bear paw red trafel mushroom
Roa'ter skin rose quartz ruff of raptor feathers
runed crimson crystal s'ayanad crystal sand-like/powdered liquid/solution
scaly burgee shell scraggly orc scalp sea salt
sea water shelfae crest shimmering oil
shimmering prismatic shard shimmering shard shimmertine shard
shining silver crystal fragment silver mane silver-tipped horseshoe
silvery hoof silvery tail skeleton bone
slender twig slender white bone small daisy
small dandelion small enruned bone small ivory disc
small troll tooth small wild rose smoky glimaerstone
smoky topaz smooth stone snowy cockatrice feather
soft blue griffin feather soft white mushroom sparkling silvery conch shell
spider leg spirit beast uncommon health potion spirit shard
split-back pink conch shell spotted leopard pelt sprig of columbine
sprig of foxglove sprig of holly sprig of larkspur
sprig of lavender Sprig of wild lilac star ruby
star sapphire stargazer lily stone-grey lizard tail from cave lizards
strand of seaweed striped heart mushroom Sunburst Blossom
t'ayanad crystal Tawny Brindlecat Hide tegu Tailspike from 3 toed tegus
tiny golden seed tkaro root torban leaf
translucent dye base Tree Viper Fang trinket oil
trinket oil - Pearlescent oil trinket oil(pearlesant oil) troll blood
Troll fang (RR troll chieftains) troll heart troll skin
tufted hawk-owl ear turqoise stone turquoise stone
twisted twig uncut diamond uncut emerald
ursian tusk valerian root vesperti claw
vial of aelotoi tears vial of farlook vitreous humor vial of pearlescent oil
vial of sea water vial of viper venom violet sapphire
viper fang viper fang (black forest vipers) viscous liquid
Viscous Liquid (crystalline solution) vruul skin (from lessers) wand oil
warcat whisker water watter
wavepetal blossom wheat grass white clover blossom
white hook mushroom white pearl wight mane
wight skin wight skin from arch wights wight skull
wild lilac wild orchid wild pansy blossom
willow twig witchwood twig wood violet
woth flower wraith talon yabathilium fruit
yellow passionflower yellow sapphire yellow water lily
Yellowed boar tusk yew twig

This MMORPG fan website was created to house alchemy data for the roleplaying game GS4 by Simutronics.