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Solhaven - Room: 13

Lich Room ID: 9020

lopsided green oak warehouse with a cupola-topped oak roof

Minniemae's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

Minniemae's Happy Trails and Treasures
~*~ I go on worldwide shopping sprees so you don't have to! Most of my magic items are not charged, and may only have one or two charges. The signets and wax sticks in the chest are for sealing letters. - The argent signet has a peacock design. - The oak signet has an oak leaf design. Be happy and safe like me. No whale has eaten me in over 3 months! ~From Minniemae

in the chest
a solid moonstone cube - 5,000
a white crystal - 5,000
a sapphire wax stick - 5,000
a bee-engraved gold parchment card - 5,000
a flora-printed pink note card - 5,000
a heavy quartz orb - 7,000
an argent signet - 10,000
an oak signet - 10,000
a tent-incised magenta iron pattern - 1,000,000
a coin-engraved golden imflass pattern - 1,000,000

on the shelf
a tincture of acantha - 200
a crystal amulet - 800
a crystal amulet - 800
a white flask - 5,000
a white flask - 5,000
a marbled black gift box - 5,000
a white linen haik - 10,000
a white turban - 10,000
a pair of russet twill trousers - 50,000
a moss green velvet hip-purse - 50,000
an onyx-handled lapis lazuli athame - 50,000
a wrought iron summer agate elothrai - 1,000,000

Minniemae's Outfitting

East Room

*Welcome to Polly's n Solie's* Number of charges guaranteed IN THIS ROOM ONLY - orbs: 28 charges - statues: 25 charges - potions (# sips):
.107 deep blue (2)
.202 glowing golden (5)
.401 silvery (few)
.419 brilliant silver (few)
.509 cloudy blue (7)
.509 port (7)
.503 tall glass (few)
.minor mana, 10 mana (few)
.minor health, 20 blood (1)
.greater mana regen, duration 30min, must be 40 trains to use this (2) - tag and vellum are labels Thanks!

on the counter
a bunch of violets - 400
a bolt of spidersilk - 800
bundle of wooden arrows - 1,000
a crystalline flask containing a glowing brilliant silver potion - 10,000
an onyx-hafted rhimar jeddart-axe - 350,000
an old spiked ora aventail - 500,000
a scratched spiked glowbark shield - 700,000
a night black orase runestaff coiled with two glistening green serpents - 5,000,000

on the table
some red Vornavian wine - 50
a thick manticore sandwich - 50
a tincture of acantha - 100
a small silver earcuff - 10,000
a shark's tooth earring - 10,000
a gold engagement ring - 10,000
a piece of alabaster stationery - 10,000
a piece of white stationery - 10,000
a piece of ecru paper - 10,000
a piece of pale lilac paper - 10,000
a piece of white stationery - 10,000
a piece of ecru parchment - 10,000
a tiny strip of gold vellum - 20,000
a heavy quartz orb - 30,000
a kelyn-tipped mithril short sword - 250,000

Minniemae's Magic Shoppe

North Room

*Welcome to Minniemae's Rings 'n' Things* Setting preset gold rings so you don't have to! In Case: Wehnimers Area
- Landing, Icemule, Pinefar, Solhaven, Rivers Rest, Teras
- Teras/RR rings only work within their town.
- READ/BUY PAPER for details. On Shelves: Zul Logoth and Beyond
- Ferry, Trail, Zul, Cysaegir, Sylvarraend, Ta'Vaalor, Ta'Illistim, Ravelin
- EN rings only work beyond Zul, starting at Zhindel's Post
- READ/BUY PARCHMENT for details. ORBS have 1 charge.

in the case
a piece of white paper - 1
a crystalline bur-clover elixir - 500
a small gold ring - 10,000
a wide gold ring - 10,000
an exquisite gold ring - 10,000
an intricate gold ring - 10,000
a braided gold ring - 10,000
a polished gold ring - 10,000
a plain gold ring - 10,000
a narrow gold ring - 10,000
a dingy gold ring - 10,000
a bright gold ring - 10,000

on the shelves
a piece of ivory parchment - 1
a heavy quartz orb - 5,000
a dull gold ring - 10,000
a faded gold ring - 10,000
a flawless gold ring - 10,000
an inlaid gold ring - 10,000
a large gold ring - 10,000
a thin gold ring - 10,000
a thick gold ring - 10,000
a scratched gold ring - 10,000
a shiny gold ring - 10,000
an ornate gold ring - 10,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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