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River's Rest - Room: 2

Lich Room ID: 10877

hand-laid riverstone shop with a steep thatched roof

Kaldonis's Smuggling Emporium

Main Room

Kaldonis's Smuggling Emporium!
~with Astru and Raincail~ Counter:
5x perfect lance
red fireworks: (DROP, LIGHT)
leafy green crystal is Adrenal Surge (20 charges)
faewood arrows (master fletched and grapple flares)
charcoal soap is Nature's Bounty (20 charges)
gold coins (~12 rubs)
black crystals (1 rub - EN import)
white crystals (fresh)
pure potions (Landing import)
tinctures for bleeders (7 doses)
Prismatic oil is E-Blade
Aquamarine potion is Water Walking (7 sips)

on the counter
a tincture of ephlox - 250
a tincture of pothinir - 500
a tincture of aloeas - 500
a smooth stone - 500
a crystal amulet - 1,350
a black crystal - 1,500
a white crystal - 2,500
a dull gold coin - 2,500
a red firework - 5,000
a crystalline vial containing some glowing prismatic oil - 5,000
a crystalline flask containing a sparkling aquamarine potion - 14,000
a pure potion - 14,000
a bar of charcoal soap - 16,000
a cocoa and leafy green crystal - 20,000
a perfect steel-shafted steel lance - 6,000,000

on the display
a golden plaque - 999,999,900

Kaldonis's Smuggled Treasure

North Room

Kaldonis's Smuggled Treasure!
~with Astru and Raincail~ Chest:
Mana potions are - 7 - SIPS
Inky black potions for Ensorcell
Weird scrolls are fresh (could be unlocked and infused)
golden ash rod:

Lesser Shroud
(120) - 3 raises
seaweed anklet:

Elemental Focus (513) - 3 rubs Rack:
golden ash wand:
Spirit Barrier (102) - 22 raises
moon amulet:

Spirit Barrier (102) - 27 rubs
seaweed wristlet:
Thurfel's Ward (503) - 14 rubs
seaweed anklet:

Elemental Bias (508) - 6 rubs

in the chest
a tangled seaweed and kelp anklet - 3,000
a greater mana potion - 10,000
a lump of gornar ore - 50,000
a garnet-set platinum pendant - 50,000
a full mana potion - 65,000
a greater mana regeneration potion - 65,000
a lump of mithril ore - 100,000
a strip of leathery kappa hide - 100,000
a small broken feline skull - 200,000
an onyx-handled gornar-spiked maul - 200,000
a serrated invar claidhmore set with a black opal pommel - 500,000
a swirling yellow-green potion - 800,000
a stack of pale pink notes - 1,000,000
a brass bugle - 75,000,000

on the rack
a tangled seaweed and kelp anklet - 2,000
a tangled seaweed and kelp anklet - 2,000
a moon-shaped wooden amulet engraved with tiny constellations of stars - 2,900
a tangled seaweed and kelp wristlet - 3,000
a leaf-carved golden ash wand - 3,100
a leaf-carved golden ash wand - 3,100
a glass-caged pulsating firethorn lavaliere - 100,000

Kaldonis's Smuggled Rubbish

South Room

Kaldonis's Smuggled Rubbish!
~with Astru and Raincail~ Display:
Full Confluence soulstones
Chrisms (overpriced)
Altar is zesty
Nightshade is a zesty mourning flower
Meditation mat is zesty Chest:
Empty Confluence soulstones
Cores from the Elemental Confluence
Plants from the Elemental Confluence
Charms are PUT on runestaves and INVOKE like scrolls (7-8 charges)

in the chest
some fermented sea pineapple - 500
a paper spider web-painted charm - 10,000
a flaking blood red paper charm - 10,000
an elementally churning core - 11,000
an elementally tranquil core - 11,000
a gleaming multicolored soulstone - 90,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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