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Icemule Trace - Room: 12

Lich Room ID: 3439

blue stucco store with a silvery grey shingle roof

Faulkil's Armory

Main Room

Welcome to my store! Items are 4x unless otherwise noted: + Scrollworked illthorn runestaff +30, 6x Acuity + Burnished reinforced leather +25 + Mossbark Shield +25, earth flaress

in the cabinet
some sleek black stalking leathers - 250,000
some brigandine armor - 325,000
some brigandine armor - 325,000
some thick vultite full plate - 500,000
some burnished reinforced leather - 2,000,000
some storm grey leather - 2,000,000

on the table
a vultite-plated scutum shaped like a giant sturgeon - 200,000
a rough lor runestaff - 250,000
a kelyn-edged golvern short sword - 1,500,000
a burnished and rusted vultite taavish - 1,500,000
a veil iron bastard sword - 1,500,000
a bone-hilted golvern broadsword - 2,000,000
a steel-capped illthorn runestaff - 2,000,000
an old mossbark shield - 2,000,000

Faulkil's Outfitting

East Room

Welcome to (*-*)
Faulkil's c(")(")
Outfitting! Inspect containers for size. Vermilion cloak Taupe Greatcloak+ Can be further lightened (-) or deepened (|) or both (+).

on the figure
a dusty suede hat - 25,000
a chocolate brown satchel set with tiny tempest stone studs - 25,000
some oilcloth boots - 50,000
a shiny black belt - 65,000
a wine red dress dusted with crimson-flecked onyx flecks - 80,000

on the table
a silvery monogram rocket - 15,000
a misty grey belt - 20,000
an alabaster white belt - 25,000
some coppery brown gloves - 35,000
a dusty coal black belt - 35,000
some dove grey gloves - 35,000
a warm brown belt - 35,000
some shiny black gloves - 35,000
some dull black gloves - 35,000
some fancy pale white socks - 35,000
a chestnut brown belt - 35,000
a painted clay talisman - 50,000
some powder blue trousers clasped with an ice blue diamond solitaire - 80,000
some fingerless black gloves - 85,000
some fancy jet black trousers - 95,000
an opalescent white bodice set with whorls of multihued auboraline chips - 105,000
a faded taupe greatcloak - 1,200,000
a soft vermilion cloak dusted with green pearl flecks - 1,500,000

Faulkil's Office

East Room

Potions (7 sips unless noted): + silvery blue - 30 day, 100 lb encumbrance reduction (1) + Urven'eth (5) + Ayveneh (5) Hunting Essentials: + Small statues, 32+ uses + Heavy Quartz orbs, 31+ uses + gold coins, 40 uses + blue crystals, 21 uses Other Items: + Perfect and Hefty weapons (just below perfect forged) on the desk!

on the desk
a hefty mithril dagger - 125,000
a hefty mithril broadsword - 225,000
a hefty mithril warsword - 225,000
a hefty mithril greataxe - 300,000
a hefty mithril greataxe - 300,000
a hefty mithril maul - 325,000
a perfect mithril greataxe - 5,000,000

on the shelves
a crystalline flask containing a shimmering silver potion - 14,000
a dull gold coin - 15,000
a blue crystal - 45,000
a heavy quartz orb - 50,000
a subtly carved wooden talisman - 50,000
a small statue - 65,000
a greater mana regeneration potion - 75,000
an ayveneh potion - 225,000
a sparkling shard of reflective soulstone - 500,000
a glowing urven'eth potion - 595,000
a silvery blue potion - 1,500,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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