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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 40

Lich Room ID: 348

towering golden marble edifice

Ardwen's Arcane Antiquities

Main Room

This space was so intentionally left blank, that the signs in nearby buildings may soon lose verbage too

in the cabinet
a small silver star - 250,000,000
a Ta'gurr figurine - 750,000,000
a self-absorbed toy Dhe'nar stirring a massive cauldron overflowing with wriggling clockwork halfling feet - 750,000,000
a midnight black hat embroidered with a mystical pattern that seems to resemble the stars of the night sky - 750,000,000
a thin black eog wand - 750,000,000

on the bar
a piece of granite - 250,000,000
a miraculously beautiful eog rose - 750,000,000
a bloodstained grey laen broadsword - 750,000,000
a horrid black eog greataxe - 750,000,000
a violet hilted silver laen broadsword - 750,000,000
a yellowed shaalk scroll - 750,000,000
a small Orhan shrine statue - 750,000,000
a rularon-edged laen shield - 750,000,000
a thick laen mini shield - 750,000,000
a dark green ring - 750,000,000
a brutally spiked laen mace - 750,000,000
a roasted torkaan leg - 750,000,000
a heather grey fitted shirt with the words Raging Thrak Inn emblazoned boldly across the chest in large blue letters - 750,000,000
an engraved silvery ithloss flamberge - 750,000,000
a miran quarterstaff - 750,000,000
a green laen shield - 750,000,000
a well balanced ithloss jo staff - 750,000,000
an ithloss shield - 900,000,000

Myshel's Menagerie

North Room

Welcome to Sairai's trinket room. Quarts orbs and blue crystals are 500 silvers per charge Small statues 1000 silvers per charge. The wiki explains the other potions and trinkets. Most potions here are a full 7 doses.

in the armoire
a crystal amulet - 600
a lesser mana potion - 1,000
a dull gold coin - 5,000
a lesser mana potion - 5,000
a dull gold coin - 5,000

on the bar
an exquisite gold ring - 5,000
a dull gold coin - 5,000
a foamy deep golden elixir - 7,000
a vial of very fragrant oil - 9,000
a blue crystal - 9,500
a greater mana potion - 10,000
a vibrant red potion - 10,000
a heavy moonstone cube - 15,000
a heavy quartz orb - 15,000
a heavy quartz orb - 16,000
a heavy quartz orb - 16,000
a small statue - 25,000
a small statue - 26,000
a small statue - 27,000
a small statue - 27,000
a small statue - 28,000
a small statue - 29,000
a sparkling pink potion - 250,000
a sparkling golden potion - 400,000

Ardwen's Dungeon

West Room

This space intentionally left blank

in the reliquary
an Elaraeyn shop makeover ticket - 50,000,000
a curillian box - 50,000,000
a black steel typh - 100,000,000
a battered Jantalarian officers boot hastily repaired with pitch and tar - 250,000,000

on the altar
a discolored titan bone - 50,000,000
bejeweled grey leather bandolier - 100,000,000
an oddly glowing dwarven mace with an etched image of a lightning bolt on the head - 500,000,000
a dark vultite shield edged in bronze with runes that writhe and twist before your eyes - 750,000,000
a crumpled scrap of parchment - 750,000,000
some eog strip leg guards - 750,000,000
an eog shod flail - 750,000,000
a sturdy sweok greatsword - 750,000,000
a black laen three-bladed dagger - 750,000,000
a navaal quarter note - 750,000,000
an eog triple flail - 750,000,000
a Hith-i-Girith potion - 750,000,000
a black alloy spiked red laen flail - 750,000,000
a frosty blue laen flail - 750,000,000
a dazzling white threkwool scarf - 750,000,000
a Nyasani potion - 750,000,000
some ash grey laen plated armor - 750,000,000
a bleached white windak staff - 750,000,000
a pure white laen dalwal - 750,000,000
a pair of translucent elven ear-shields studded with tiny emeralds - 750,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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