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juicy plum

Can't find it?It has been marked on these nearby maps:
EnvironmentsDid you know juicy plum grows in the following environments:
temperate - grassland
temperate - cultivated
Make a Guess?This website can guess possible locations for juicy plum. These locations are only guesses, but may help you track it down. Click here to activate the guessing engine.
Learn MoreFind applicable alchemy recipes, a complete list of maps where it is found, and player comments on juicy plum at the GS4 Alchemy Site.

  • angelica root
  • ayana berry
  • ayana leaf
  • ayana'al lichen
  • begonia
  • blaestonberry blossom
  • blue trafel mushroom
  • boxwood
  • cactacae spine
  • calamia fruit
  • clematis
  • daggerstalk mushroom
  • dingleberry
  • ear of corn
  • fennel bulb
  • fig
  • flathead mushroom
  • genkew mushroom
  • golden buttercup
  • handful of mustard seeds
  • handful of raspberries
  • hosta flower
  • hydrangea
  • imaeras lace
  • iris blossom
  • juicy plum
  • large sunflower
  • large white gardenia
  • light blue hydrangea
  • luckbloom blossom
  • onion skin
  • pink hydrangea
  • pink peony
  • red begonia
  • small anemone
  • small apple
  • small daisy
  • small green olive
  • small rose
  • small turnip
  • small violet
  • snapdragon stalk
  • soft white mushroom
  • sovyn clove
  • sprig of foxglove
  • sprig of holly
  • sprig of jasmine
  • sprig of lavender
  • sprig of mournbloom
  • stalk of monkeyflower
  • stalk of wormwood
  • stargazer lily
  • stem of freesia flowers
  • tendril of vinca
  • thyme
  • trollfear mushroom
  • tuberose
  • verbena
  • wavepetal blossom
  • white begonia
  • white hydrangea
  • white peony
  • wild phlox
  • withered black mushroom

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