New Enhancives for Wizards and Sorcerers

I have procured a quantity amazing enhancives for wizards and sorcerers. These enhancives are.

  1. Scripted
  2. Non-crumbly
  3. Able to be used at all levels


I have a few different ones available. FOR WIZARDS Get Elemental Mana Control bracelets and Magic Item Use anklets and wear them when enchanting. If you're in the transition levels of between 25-60 you may not always be able to enchant as successfully as you'd like, wearing these while you enchant will give you a boost. Additionally, if you only wear them when enchanting and stow them at other times, they should last years before needing to be recharged. You can also get mana regeneration bracelets and harness power anklets to increase your mana supply. Remember, good enhancives normally have level requirements, these do not, so even the youngest wizards and sorcerers (those most often with mana problems) can benefit from these. There are also Arcane Symbol enhancives FOR SORCERERS You can buy all that the wizards can buy, but also +5 Demonology or Necromancy bracelets. Buy two and get an instant +10 to one of the lores, or buy one of each for +5 to each, or buy 4. I can't imagine any sorcerer not owning 4 really, so long as you got the coin. Use the demon ones when summoning, hunting with 718, or using 740. Use the necromancy ones when animating or hunting with 711. Swap them depending on your needs at the time. And don't forget the Arcane Symbols ones for when you need to infuse scrolls, or using 1750!


When you wear the items there is messaging indicated they magically float in position, not actually touching your body.

As you bring the ebonwood wristcuff to your hand, it shifts in your hand, changing its size to fit comfortably.
You slip the ebonwood wristcuff over your hand and let it rest around your wrist, where it floats serenely.
There is also this script:
pet my wri
You brush your fingers lightly against your mistwood wristcuff.
Tiny runes flicker to life across the surface of the mistwood wristcuff, fading after a few moments.
Finally, get them unlocked by a merchant and access the following additional scripts:
turn my wri
You give your bone wristcuff a flick and send it spinning effortlessly about your wrist.

prod my wri
You give your bone wristcuff a little prod with the tip of your finger.
The bone wristcuff bounces around your wrist for a moment before settling back into place.

Prices (all are fresh and unused)

NEW STUFF (not just for sorcs & wizards)

Where to buy

Leopaldu's shop on Four Winds. From Gardenia Commons go South, South, go arch, North, North, go lime store, North. Lots of each type available... for now.