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From the shop owner:
Thank you for visiting. The enhancives are all fresh and unused. Currently SOLD OUT of spike thorn immunity leg greaves, will make more soon.

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Mist Harbor - Room: 15

Lich Room ID: 3872

elegant limestone store with a gold-veined marble roof

Leopaldu's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

mithglin greathelm vhcp and crush resistance, imflass aventail is vhcp. Buy both to protect your important bits
gold tiara is +5 to summoning lore, and is a blank mage rechargable

in the chest
a mottled malachite talisman - 20,000
a brown palimpsest - 100,000
a burled lor runestaff - 1,000,000
a swirl-marked hoarfrost white orb - 2,500,000
a moon-marked hoarfrost white orb - 2,500,000
an old leather breastplate - 5,000,000
an embossed vultite shield - 10,000,000
a gnarled rowan runestaff - 30,000,000

on the counter
some essence of fire - 30,000
some radiant crimson essence dust - 100,000
a radiant crimson mote of essence - 100,000
an ink-stained text - 100,000
a tree-embossed grimoire - 100,000
a tattered folio - 100,000
a coral and red dreamstone crown - 150,000
a chased mithril alloy crown - 300,000
a scratched glaes greathelm - 500,000
a shining hoarfrost white orb - 2,000,000
a shining hoarfrost white orb - 4,000,000
a shining hoarfrost white orb - 8,000,000
some blackened leather - 15,000,000

Isle Aisles

East Room

sea green potions will remove poison
deep blue potions are 107
rainbow-hued potions are 405
bright silver potions are 406

brilliant silver potions are 419

hazy violet potions are for enemies

in the tub
a crystal core - 1,000
a yellowed parchment label - 10,000
a petrified wizard hand - 10,000
a petrified wizard hand - 10,000
some essence of earth - 30,000
a s'ayanad crystal - 30,000
some essence of water - 30,000
some essence of water - 30,000
some essence of air - 30,000
a t'ayanad crystal - 30,000
a n'ayanad crystal - 50,000
an opalescent violet glass bottle containing green malachite stones - 1,000,000
an opalescent violet glass bottle containing essences of fire - 5,000,000
an opalescent violet glass bottle containing essences of fire - 5,000,000
an opalescent violet glass bottle containing radiant essence shards - 10,000,000

on the sideboard
a crystalline flask containing a rainbow-hued potion - 4,000
a crystalline flask containing a dimly glowing sea-green potion - 4,000
a hazy violet potion - 25,000
a greater mana potion - 30,000
a glowing ruby eye - 100,000
a glowing shadowglass phylactery - 100,000
an opalescent violet glass bottle - 100,000
a glowing emerald mote - 100,000
an opalescent glass jar containing gold dust - 500,000
a vial of glowing dye additive - 1,000,000

Leopaldu's Outfitting

North Room

brooches and armbands are all pin worn gold ring holders
dark green bracelets are +5 to mana regen

dark green anklets are +5 to harness power

ebonwood wristcuffs are +5 to demonology

carved ivory bangles are +5 to necromancy

mahogany anklecuffs are +5 to arcane symbols

blue jade bracelets are +5 to elemental mana control

pale pink anklets are +5 to magic item use

kidney belt is +2 multi-ops, +3 survival

in the chest
a silver-inlaid pale pink jade anklet - 200,000
a dark blue jade bracelet - 200,000
a petrified mahogany anklecuff - 300,000
a polished vultite backsword - 2,000,000

on the counter
a steel-capped witchwood runestaff - 250,000
a faenor-hilted black ora longsword - 300,000
some etched eahnor studded leather - 300,000
a rich sunset orange orb - 500,000
a hart-marked dark indigo orb - 1,500,000
a staff-marked hoarfrost white orb - 2,000,000
a spiraling tapered faewood runestaff - 3,000,000
a shining hoarfrost white orb - 3,500,000
a crown-marked sunset orange orb - 5,000,000
a rune-marked hoarfrost white orb - 7,000,000
a shining hoarfrost white orb - 7,000,000
a sword-marked hoarfrost white orb - 20,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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