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Kharam Dzu - Room: 4

Lich Room ID: 1976

bay-windowed white granite boutique with a pale grey haon-shingled roof

The Black Hole

Main Room

buy eet

in the armoire
a deep black note - 345,678
a vivid pink note - 555,555
a light yellow ora longsword - 650,000
an ora-tipped vultite lance - 888,888
a square-cut fire opal stickpin - 1,299,999
a tooled silver alloy bracelet - 1,399,999
some ancient Dhe'nar gauntlets - 1,999,999
an emerald-set sterling silver talisman - 1,999,999
an ora quoit - 2,888,888
a potent yellow-green potion - 2,999,999
an archaic mossbark runestaff - 2,999,999
a rune-etched zorchar mace - 3,999,999
a bejewelled copper torc - 6,666,666
an enruned gold earcuff - 6,999,999
a twilight grey bandana patterned with stormy black raindrops - 8,888,888
an exquisite mithril yierka-spur - 9,999,999
an etched vaalorn aventail - 19,999,900
an etched vultite greathelm - 23,456,700
an elaborate indigo eahnor falcastra with thick seaweed wound about its shaft - 23,456,700
some polished spiked double leather - 25,000,000
a sigil-etched kelyn rapier - 33,333,300
an opal and peridot bracelet - 34,567,800
a beryl-inset gold ring - 34,567,800
a polished zelnorn buckler - 111,111,100
some dented zelnorn platemail - 155,555,500

The Black Hole

East Room

no refund

in the case
a light pink note - 175,000
a sigil-etched mesille long bow - 1,234,567
a coral and alexandrite earring - 3,333,333
a glyph-etched platinum earcuff - 5,250,000
a green garnet inset platinum bracelet - 6,666,666
some damascened vambraces with golden vaalorn couters - 23,456,700
a turquoise studded mithril stickpin - 23,456,700
a topaz-inset silver ring - 28,888,800
a pearl and red sunstone ring - 34,567,800
a krodera-throated weapons loop - 55,555,500
some brushed steel vambraces set with dark storm agate - 55,555,500

on the counter
an ayveneh potion - 250,000
an ayveneh potion - 250,000
a kakore runestaff - 888,888
a delicate copper ring - 2,999,999
a jade-inlaid bloodjewel earring - 3,333,333
a lapis-inlaid mithril ring - 3,999,999
an alexandrite studded mithril armband - 9,999,999
a gleaming vultite helm - 9,999,999
a golden topaz inset gold bracer - 11,111,100
a kroderine greathelm - 11,111,100
a brilliant pink sapphire talisman - 12,222,200
an opal and dragonfire opal brooch - 22,222,200
an elegant gold torc - 23,456,700

The Black Hole

West Room

limited time only

in the case
a chipped lor runestaff - 777,777
a scorched witchwood runestaff - 950,000
an invar-hilted ora dagger - 999,999
a scorched rowan runestaff - 1,999,999
a black ora bastard sword - 2,222,222
a maple-hafted vultite-studded cudgel - 4,444,444
a lapis-inlaid gold pendant - 8,888,888
an engraved glaes handaxe - 28,888,800
a topaz-inset pewter bracelet - 28,888,800
a white opal studded ora stickpin - 34,567,800

on the table
a carved mossbark long bow - 999,999
a mithglin discus - 999,999
a spiked ironwood aegis with simple geometric designs - 3,999,999
a turquoise-set mithril alloy earcuff - 4,750,000
some scratched glaes chain mail - 5,555,555
a perfect walnut-hafted razern handaxe - 9,999,999
a golden topaz inset mithril necklace - 12,345,600
an enruned platinum barrette - 25,000,000
a white mithril breastplate streaked with colorful impurities - 26,999,900
a black suit - 28,888,800
a blue diamond inset pewter torc - 29,999,900
a malachite and amber pin - 55,555,500
a fine platinum crown - 99,999,900
a rolaren-edged gornar falchion - 199,999,900
an ora-studded rhimar mace - 350,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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