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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 2

Lich Room ID: 375

rose-covered dark stone boutique with an eel-carved bleached bone door

The Best Defence

Main Room

The Best Defence Read Labels on Items

on the counter
a light pink note - 20,000
a light yellow note - 25,000
a bronze-tipped zorchar scimitar - 350,000
a well-balanced rowan runestaff - 500,000
a black ora falchion - 500,000
an ipantor composite bow - 750,000
a golvern-edged white ora falchion - 800,000
a golvern-edged white ora falchion - 800,000
an enruned yew long bow flecked with rhimar shards - 1,000,000
a golvern-edged white ora katar - 1,500,000
a blackened yew hand crossbow flecked with drakar shards - 2,000,000
a jagged golvern reaver - 2,000,000
a viridian yew hand crossbow flecked with zorchar shards - 2,000,000
a villswood composite bow - 2,500,000
a perfect oiled drakar battle-axe with an ebonwood shaft - 3,000,000
a mithril framed eisenruck with polished brass panels - 4,000,000
a woven salt-encrusted net with polished mithril weights - 5,000,000
some golvern-spiked manticore hide brigandine - 10,000,000
a web-draped crimson spidersilk cloak edged with black velvet trim - 15,000,000
a dilute copper ayan'eth potion - 20,750,000
a pointed brown wizard's hat - 50,000,000
a crimson wizard's hat - 50,000,000
a bleached white ruic hand crossbow riveted with silver - 100,000,000

The Best Defence

East Room

Miniatures = Seigery Miniature Toys
All packs with a tiny metal lever are auto closing - disabled via PROD.
a silver-chased segmented fel reliquary = T3 Trixx Bag

on the counter
some gold-lined velvet robes - 400,000
a gold-capped villswood runestaff - 450,000
a voluminous cloth-of-veniom greatcloak - 500,000
an emerald-set mithril talisman - 500,000
a voluminous cloth-of-veniom haversack - 500,000
a stout imflass handaxe - 500,000
a kakore-hafted imflass morning star - 500,000
a glaes longsword - 500,000
a scratched orase runestaff - 750,000
some burnished spiked cuirbouilli leather - 1,000,000
some golden double leather - 1,000,000
laje-buckled leather swordbelt - 1,000,000
a spiked zorchar buckler etched with viridian runes - 1,000,000
a dented black ora short sword - 2,000,000
a spirit change slip - 2,000,000
a white invar-plated pack with a tiny metal lever - 3,000,000
a bloodstained leather survival kit - 4,500,000
some burnished spiked full leather - 10,000,000
a yellow-eyed disciple miniature - 10,000,000
a black-robed old witch miniature - 10,000,000
an armored human crusader miniature - 10,000,000
a silver-chased segmented fel reliquary - 10,000,000
an onyx-stemmed curved bog-wood pipe - 15,000,000

The Best Defence

West Room

in the cabinet
a spiked fireleaf aegis - 350,000
a lump of krodera ore - 400,000
a gold-pommeled ora estoc - 750,000
a kelyn-tipped vaalorn scimitar - 800,000
a golvern-shod white ora maul - 1,000,000
a golvern-edged white ora falchion - 1,000,000
a tiny grey disk - 1,000,000
a nicked glaes buckler - 1,000,000
a golvern-shod white ora ridgemace - 1,000,000
a spiked drakar greatshield etched with crimson runes - 2,000,000
a spiked gornar greatshield etched with golden runes - 2,000,000
a gnarled witchwood crook capped with a glowing amber orb - 2,000,000
a sheer jade green scarf - 2,000,000
a twisted witchwood staff capped with a glowing jade orb - 2,000,000
a frayed leather harness - 3,000,000
an enruned yew long bow flecked with rhimar shards - 3,000,000
a silver scaled dragon mask with dark hollowed eyes - 5,000,000
some gleaming silver dragon finger-armor - 5,000,000
an ebon kaleidoscope - 10,000,000
a stoic squire legionnaire hand-puppet in a gold-piped crisp crimson uniform - 10,000,000
a soft yellow duck toy - 10,000,000
a gleaming white ora jack-in-the-box - 10,000,000
a darkened ash cane topped with a carved crimson wyvern - 25,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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