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Mist Harbor - Room: 14

Lich Room ID: 12273

ornate glass-front shop

Teiana's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

Bone rings: unattuned, ring on counter has 100 charges Jug: 1 leech/day Backpack: 2/180 Sorcerer: gemcutter Flasks: lifekeep, belt worn Band/Pin: crystal holders Bracelet: holy receptacle gem holder Cords: from Collarly Love, goes with Drapeable Garment (north room) Gown: T3 Valinda with show, rub/curtsy/pull/turn/wave/tap/hug/raise GET the other items for more info

on the counter
a smoky glaes inkpot set in wrought silver talons - 75,000
some etched vultite full plate - 350,000
a petal-cut pink topaz torc - 750,000
some mithglin augmented chain - 750,000
a smooth bone ring pierced by tiny crystal shards - 1,250,000
a scratched spiked imflass greathelm - 3,250,000
a strapless white silk gown - 4,000,000

on the table
a burnished leaf-shaped flask - 75,000
a beveled coffin-shaped flask - 75,000
a bulbous glaes jug - 250,000
a glyph-etched gold earcuff - 250,000
a plain alexandrite medallion - 250,000
a flame-cut dragonfire opal tiara - 250,000
a faceted amethyst talisman - 250,000
an opalescent azure vaalin band - 350,000
a jointed wooden doll - 500,000
a stout ruic heavy crossbow - 1,250,000

Teiana's Outfitting

East Room

Python: fully unlocked, altered snake Dragon: hug/kiss/tickle/lick/wave/raise Jar: 3 leeches per day Vial: Igaeshian Vial Gargoyle jewelry: unlocked Mask: Naidem mask Soap: 19 rubs of 503 Tub: fully unlocked Tin: cinnamon breath mints Towel: hold/rub/push Satchel: 3/60 Wig: autumn theme, look at it for description Ankle-boots: throwable shoes, rub/throw/point Gown: T2 Valinda with show, rub/curtsy/pull/turn/wave/tap

on the counter
a bar of calendula soap - 25,000
a small gargoyle necklace - 250,000
a tiny gargoyle earring - 250,000
a huge scarlet stuffed dragon - 350,000
a softly-waved forest green wig - 500,000
an invar-tipped faenor backsword - 700,000
a claw-foot white metal tub - 1,500,000
a corseted midnight black gown - 2,000,000
a jade-tinted albino tree python - 2,500,000
an empty glass black steel-set vial - 2,500,000
a squat glass jar filled with murky liquid - 2,500,000

on the table
a beautiful sunrise panel - 50,000
a fluffy fat rounded kiwi panel - 50,000
a burning flame panel - 50,000
a dreamfire material picker paper - 50,000
a dreamfire color picker writ - 50,000
a dreamfire gesture picker vellum - 50,000
a colorful firewheel bloom panel - 150,000
a twisted rotting tree panel - 150,000
a wispy illusion style chit - 150,000
a wavering modifier token - 300,000

Teiana's Outfitting

North Room

Python: fully unlocked, altered Cub: hug/tilt/tickle/pinch/poke/turn Bottle: ink perfume, 8 uses Diadem: Joola Jar/Vial: 1 leech/day Dragon: clench/hug/tickle/tap Gargoyle ring: unlocked Flame ring: matchlight tattoo ring Juice: 10 charges of Adrenal Surge Maggot: peer/gaze/rub/stare/tap Dolls: hug/pull/tickle/rub/wave/poke/turn/raise/gaze/nudge/slap/pinch/punch

on the counter
an ivory-stoppered smoky glaes bottle - 25,000
a prismatic crystal jar with a glass-inset lid - 100,000
a tall glass vial stoppered with a round cork - 100,000
an onyx crimson flame-inlaid ring - 250,000
a grey-eyed freckled pirate doll - 250,000
a verdant-hued tree python - 1,500,000

on the table
a miniscule gargoyle ring - 75,000
a dark-haired silver incanter doll - 250,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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