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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 31

Lich Room ID: 343

dark stone structure with blackened windows

Teegan's Weaponry

Main Room

Polished chest holds 300 lbs Ardenai plate is Tier 3 Voln

in the caddy
an archaic vultite yierka-spur - 1,000,000
a gold-hilted vultite short sword - 7,000,000
a chiseled bloodjewel necklace - 10,000,000
a willow shafted silver naginata - 200,000,000
a ruby-adorned black ora dagger - 850,000,000

on the table
some deep ebony trousers embellished with a merchant's guild official insignia of certification design - 1,000,000
a bright silvery sephwir crossbow - 3,000,000
a burnished ora earring - 3,000,000
some mithril studded leather - 3,000,000
a sharpened rolaren naginata - 5,000,000
a black ora throwing dagger - 5,000,000
a coral inset silver tiara - 5,000,000
a shadow black wand - 7,000,000
some thick imflass full plate - 10,000,000
some old spiked mithril leg greaves - 20,000,000
an ornate vaalorn chain hauberk - 20,000,000
a jade-hilted vultite main gauche - 20,000,000
a multi-faceted teardrop bloodjewel - 25,000,000
an etched dark urnon longsword - 25,000,000
a smeared crying joker mask - 30,000,000
a large polished walnut chest - 50,000,000
a silver-bound ancient cuirass - 65,000,000
some sleek shadow black body-armor - 100,000,000

Teegan's Magic Shoppe

East Room

Fantail dagger is 3x/3x zelnorn Buckler is spiked, pocketed, and scripted Sling bag is weighs under 1 and holds 1001bs

in the cabinet
a black glass mask stickpin - 500,000
an obsidian human figurine inside a gold wire pentagram - 1,000,000
a chipped mithglin backsword - 1,000,000
a polished carmiln greatshield - 2,000,000
a rune-etched silver necklace - 3,000,000
an ornate vultite helm - 4,000,000
an eahnor quoit - 5,000,000
a wine-colored crushed velvet wrap - 5,000,000
a large glass tip jar labelled "Scarabs are not tips." - 5,000,000
a sleek black ora katana with an agate-inlaid white jade hilt - 5,000,000
a gold-hilted mithglin dagger - 7,000,000
a polished veil iron handaxe - 10,000,000
a razor-sharp mithril longsword - 10,000,000
a serrated black ora falchion - 20,000,000
a salt-stained ghezyte jack-of-plate emblazoned with an indigo chelioboros - 200,000,000

Teegan's Magic Shoppe

North Room

Ebon double leathers are T4 Voln

in the cabinet
a silver glass whorl stickpin - 200,000
a sloppy dark red vest embellished with a slain goblin graverobber holding a shovel design - 500,000
a soft fox fur stole slashed with jet edged burgundy silk - 1,000,000
a plain beryl earcuff - 2,000,000
a black ora shield - 2,000,000
golden silk thigh-sheath - 2,000,000
a beryl-inset imflass earring - 2,000,000
a gleaming rolaren yierka-spur - 4,000,000
some etched vaalorn leg greaves - 5,000,000
a sturdy rolaren war hammer - 5,000,000
a bright silvery vultite troll-claw etched with a wolverine design - 6,000,000
a saw-toothed razern dagger - 10,000,000
a black vultite shield edged with braided veniom wire - 10,000,000
a thick dark leather apron embossed with the blacksmith design - 10,000,000
a star sapphire inset copper necklace - 15,000,000
a wavy-bladed alexandrite dagger - 20,000,000
some vultite leg greaves - 20,000,000
a golden wavy kris decorated with blue silk - 30,000,000
a long zelnorn-tipped stiletto - 100,000,000
a slender golden zelnorn wakizashi - 100,000,000
a dapper black leather vest - 300,000,000
some ebon double leathers stitched with faint silver runes - 500,000,000
some spiked vultite Ardenai plate - 800,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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