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Mist Harbor - Room: 16

Lich Room ID: 3871

warped wooden hut with a shabby wood-shingled roof

Suntzhu's General Store

Main Room

Full of custom death messages Table
Cleric and Empath type EG spell items. (308, 203, 218, 350


in the chest
a moldering green silk cravat - 50,000
a dried chicken foot - 75,000
a gilded green garnet idol - 75,000
a burnished brass inkwell - 75,000
a cracked glass tombstone - 75,000
a bright orange circular tombstone - 75,000
a nacreous pearl bangle - 75,000
a pale porcelain anchor - 75,000
a cracked glass cloche - 100,000
a scarlet toy serpent - 100,000
a long-legged pink flamingo pin - 100,000
a padded leather glove - 100,000
a musty and tattered music folio - 100,000
a small jet flame icon - 150,000
a broken terracotta pot - 150,000

on the table
a mist grey jellied eel - 35,000
a tiny shot glass - 50,000
a frayed and fading postcard - 50,000
a gold-set citrine medallion - 50,000
a brass and teak casket miniature - 50,000
bloodshot eye-drawn vellum - 75,000
a musty and tattered music folio - 75,000
a shadow-swept glowing orb - 250,000

Suntzhu's Outfitting

Main Room

casket+case = smuggling sacks
vial= 2x/day leech jar
disk tokens= floating disk messages Basket
Misc fletching wares
Some gory mail paraphernalia
Wizard type EG spell prep and bolt items.

in the basket
a small blood-stained envelope - 5,000
a mucus green envelope - 5,000
a purple whip token - 25,000
a small cloud token - 25,000
a tiny waterspout token - 25,000
an amorphous blob token - 25,000
a bundle of bile green fletchings - 25,000
a bundle of pus-colored fletchings - 25,000
a vial of ember-hued paint - 25,000
a vial of flame-hued paint - 25,000
an eahnor key blank - 50,000
a cylinder of fetid green wax - 75,000
a banded coral snake - 75,000
a brass-riveted flame maple thigh-quiver - 80,000
bronze whistle-drawn vellum - 100,000
a lump of black ora ore - 250,000

on the mannequin
a small copper buzzer - 25,000
a hook-necked yellow gourd with a bumpy exterior - 25,000
a tiny brass disk - 75,000
a tiny granite disk - 75,000
a tiny invar disk - 150,000
a grey lacquered case inlaid with black artist's brushes - 175,000
a tall glass vial stoppered with a round cork - 250,000
a cross-tied brown burlap sack reinforced in sinew - 300,000
a web-covered wrotwood casket - 2,500,000

Suntzhu's Outfitting

Main Room

morduska glove= Waggle Gloves
potato stone=chrism holder
toolbelt= Gnomish Toolbelt
patterns for Gem Cutters
toy charm= temporary disk changer Shelf
fan=Vaane Fan
boots+tunic= T2 RainbowWear
Misc 111 and ranger and sorc spell tokens
brass plates= golem parts

on the mannequin
a pair of drab black canvas trousers with deeply torn knees - 65,000
a pair of morduska hide gloves with braided wrist-ties - 100,000
an ebon suede toolbelt clasped with a mithril cog - 250,000
a golden toy chest charm - 300,000
a lumpy potato-shaped stone hung from thick rope - 300,000
a voluminous cloth-of-veniom haversack - 400,000
a smooth bone ring pierced by tiny crystal shards - 850,000
a dreamfire scenery slip - 4,000,000

on the shelf
a lapis-sheened ebony silk crow - 15,000
a glass bottle of blue ooze - 25,000
a silk-edged grey oiremere prayer rug woven in gentle waves - 25,000
a myklian horn drinking vessel with a crimson suede belt strap - 35,000
a small blue topaz eye symbol - 50,000
a wave-stamped green orb - 75,000
a swan-carved round onyx cameo - 75,000
a coil of trumpet vine - 125,000
some shiny brass plates - 150,000
some bent alum gears - 150,000
a brass and gold capsule with a glass dome - 250,000
an exposed cog and wire arm - 250,000
some augmented vultite plates - 500,000
some rusty iron gears - 500,000
some scuffed-up golden plates - 500,000
a finely pleated crimson faille fan - 5,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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