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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 19

Lich Room ID: 361

marble columned salon with a pair of noble statues guarding the gilt doors


Main Room

The bands and rings are zesty.
Toy is a toy!
Fabrics are cravats with the wool, taffeta, chainsil being scarves and the brocade and marbrinus are bowties.
The pins and assorted pin-like items, studs etc are pins for the cravats and scarves and bowties.

on the case
a knotwork vaalorn stud - 10,000
a polished platinum crescent - 10,000
a length of dark violet velvet - 20,000
a length of gold brocade - 40,000
a length of malachite marbrinus - 40,000
a length of crisp cream linen - 40,000

on the counter
a polished amber cabochon stud - 10,000
an ice blue imflass pin - 10,000
a length of raven blue velveteen - 20,000
a rolaren-inset silver cube stud - 20,000
a length of blue watered silk - 40,000
a length of twilight-hued marbrinus - 40,000
a length of cobalt taffeta - 40,000
a length of red-bronze bourde - 40,000
a kelyn-veined glossy mithril band with ebony pearl inlay - 50,000
a silver ring set with a trio of dragon's-tear diamonds - 50,000
a silver band centered with a dragon's-tear diamond oval - 50,000
a beveled brushed platinum band crowned with a star emerald - 50,000
a rearing horse-tipped zebrawood walking stick - 60,000
a kelyn-veined mithril ring inlaid with an ebony pearl - 65,000
a slender brushed platinum ring cradling a pale star emerald - 80,000

Stormwild's Couture

East Room

The snoods are a hair feature changer with a single style.
The baubles are locked but still have a few zests for hair.
The corsets, bodices, ribbons, cordings, etc, lace up together and are zesty.

on the counter
a soft brown suede cloak - 20,000
some narrow plaited silk cording - 20,000
some long pearl-set ribbons - 25,000
a multi-paneled royal blue silk corset - 70,000
a plain white cotton corset - 70,000
a svelte dark golden suede bodice - 80,000
a inky black raven-stitched bodice - 80,000
a blackworked cream velvet half-bodice - 80,000
a heavy beaded cloth-of-gold corset - 90,000

on the table
a burnished steel skullcap etched with broad parallel lines - 15,000
a silver-lined crimson velvet snood - 50,000
a gilt and ivory ribbon snood - 50,000
a braided saffron chainsil snood - 50,000
a velvet-framed peach satin snood - 50,000
a silk and ebon velvet snood - 50,000
a round red seaglass bauble - 100,000
a small petrified haon bauble - 100,000

Stormwild's War Accoutrements

North Room

Today in War Accoutrements we have fishing gear! So War against the fish?
The backpack holds significant.
The poke holds gems only and has divination stones in the bottom compartment.
Everything else is fishing gear for now..

in the rack
a two-headed fake worm lure - 2,000
a gold anchor-shaped weight - 2,000
a tiny dead fly lure - 2,000
a squishy dead mosquito lure - 2,000
a glass of yellow foam - 2,000
a circular black weight - 2,000
a stubby toy mace with squishy spikes - 5,000
a rhimar-lined bone-inlaid chest - 10,000
a spool of silver fishing line - 15,000
a spool of black fishing line - 15,000
an old maoral fishing rod - 25,000
a long bone-inlaid fishing rod - 25,000
a gnarled ironwood fishing rod - 25,000
a crimson-swirled ebony fishing rod - 25,000
a crude copper-hued fishing rod - 25,000
a pair of worn leather fishing gloves - 30,000
a silver-clasped ebony tackle box - 35,000
a lacquered cherrywood tackle box - 35,000
a wren-etched smooth tan box - 40,000
a star-etched white birch box - 40,000
a lure-covered fishing hat - 50,000
a silver-shot blue cotton poke - 125,000

in the wardrobe
a jade-pommeled silver vultite dagger - 350,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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