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River's Rest - Room: 3

Lich Room ID: 10876

hand-laid riverstone shop with a deep blue barrel-tiled roof

Sixle's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

in the basket
a n'ayanad crystal - 3,500
a gnarled river root - 10,000
some pitted cast iron plates - 150,000

on the counter
a table leg - 200
a glimmering blue essence shard - 1,000
a large troll tooth - 2,000
some mistweed - 3,500
some mistweed - 3,500
some mistweed - 3,500
a heart-shaped sandruby pin - 5,000
some glimmering blue essence dust - 5,000
a lump of mithglin ore - 10,000
a lump of imflass ore - 10,000
an inky necrotic core - 10,000
a crystal flecked palimpsest - 20,000
a crimson troll king bezoar - 30,000
an indigo triton bezoar - 30,000
a crystalline prism - 35,000
an emerald stone giant bezoar - 40,000
a well-balanced ipantor light crossbow - 50,000
a rose pink leather pack - 60,000
a clouded blue bottle - 75,000
some mithril spiral gears - 150,000

Sixle's Weaponry

East Room

The emerald green brig is morphing armor with two unlocks

on the table
some burnished vermilion armor - 20,000
a sunset-gradient kakore staff capped by a half-circle sunstone - 50,000
some embossed spiked full leather - 50,000
a gold-tipped mithril longsword - 75,000
a sturdy mesille runestaff - 75,000
a dark grey imflass mace - 100,000
a bent glowbark heavy crossbow - 100,000
a steel-spiked golvern lantern shield - 100,000
some ora chain mail - 200,000
a dented vultite war hammer - 200,000
a carved mossbark shield - 300,000
an old illthorn aegis - 300,000
some old vultite double chain - 300,000
some old vaalorn half plate - 400,000
a birch-handled mithril waraxe - 400,000
a perfect walnut-shafted steel quarterstaff - 500,000
a spiked drakar greatshield etched with crimson runes - 500,000
a perfect walnut-shafted vultite spear - 2,000,000
a perfect kelyn maul - 2,000,000
a perfect walnut-hafted kelyn maul - 2,000,000
a perfect walnut-hafted mithril maul - 2,000,000
a perfect walnut-gripped vultite yierka-spur - 2,500,000
a perfect vaalorn maul - 2,500,000
a perfect vultite maul - 2,500,000
a set of emerald green brigandine with gold accents - 10,000,000

Sixle's Outfitting

North Room

the sea blue sack is a smuggling sack The kits are locksmithing kits that can be worn on your wrist/ankle/thigh

in the basket
a black mithril mail baldric - 25,000
a sea blue sack speared with an emerald trident clasp - 100,000
a slender wooden rod - 750,000

on the counter
a rose gold praying halfing statue - 5,000
some fine ivory snowflake earrings - 10,000
an azure-tinted black velvet grackle - 20,000
a grey aquerne ankle toolkit - 75,000
a dappled damask wrist kit - 75,000
a rune-covered faewood asaya topped with a monstrous claw - 75,000
an ivy-embossed leather thigh kit - 75,000
a red cotton swathe - 100,000
a yellow cotton swathe - 100,000
a blood-infused sky blue crystal - 100,000
a thick mithril aventail - 100,000
a black cotton swathe - 100,000
a gleaming ruic light crossbow - 150,000
a lopsided golden moonstone sphere - 200,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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