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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 17

Lich Room ID: 362

iron-worked brownstone store with a sturdy cross-gabled roof

Simple Blessings

Main Room

invar platemail=Hunt for History item
falcata = dhu poison blade with show
dwarven defender- 5x T2 shield harness
sledge+maul= sanct THW Cabinet
vultite-capped runestaff= T2 morphing runestaff
antler sword= =25, SWC+SWD, 5pts CER each
poorer=arrow scriber; blocky row of dwarven runes
kakore scepter= T2 Globus Elanthia
medallion=ring holder
knapsack=OTS pelt bag
puppet=302 spell prop item
razor=unlimited steam fletching
gargoyle bracelet= fully unlocked

in the cabinet
a flame-carved long kakore runestaff - 100,000
a pair of thin chain mesh gloves - 250,000
a circular black coral medallion set with a driftwood rune - 250,000
a heavy vaalorn slab - 300,000
a riveted thick leather knapsack - 500,000
a miniature gargoyle bracelet - 500,000
some oily grey leather workboots - 1,000,000
a blackened steel spyglass engulfed by a wrought gold kraken - 1,500,000
a faewood-cased fletching razor carved with lavender blooms - 2,500,000
a crude beaten metal helm imbedded with tiny teeth and claws - 5,000,000
a beady-eyed kobold finger puppet carrying a white flag - 5,000,000
an ash vultite-capped runestaff - 7,500,000
a bent copper poorer - 9,000,000
a Mandis Crystal shard - 75,000,000

on the counter
a swept-hilt vultite longsword adorned with a gilded cup guard - 35,000
a suit of six-in-one black glaes hauberk - 750,000
a golvern-shod white ora maul - 900,000
an asp-handled braided leather cat o' nine-tails with sickly barbed thorns - 2,500,000
some lustrous viridian siren scale armor - 2,750,000
a pair of lacquered azure bracers inlaid with pale dream agate - 5,000,000
a void black mithglin coracia with ivory tusks down the spine - 8,000,000
a slender vultite falcata - 15,000,000
a dwarven steel defender shield - 15,000,000
a full suit of invar platemail etched with ancient dwarven runes - 40,000,000

Simple Blessings

Main Room

whip=wearable EG Ghule item
textbook=Book Buddy
dwarf doll=T2 Whodoo Doll
leather scabbard= OTS Holy Sheath
robes= T1 Of the Faith
binder=OTS RW
slatted case= T1 gamblingkit
repository=lapidary box
relic=illusion prop
cowl= T1 DR plague cowl
Custom spells, disks=511, trinket=220; death message= cookie, effigy, anchor, diamond, inkwell 203=wing, sandwich
hand=fully unlocked Blood Red Hand

in the tomb
a pale porcelain anchor - 75,000
a petrified bat wing - 100,000
a petrified cracker sandwich - 100,000
a burnished brass inkwell - 100,000
a tiny granite disk - 250,000
a dream agate teabowl trinket - 250,000
a golden star-cut diamond - 250,000
a ghostly white marble effigy - 250,000
a heavy vaalorn slab - 300,000
a heavy white ora slab - 500,000
a lump of eonake ore - 500,000
a claw-pinned multilayered burnet cowl - 2,500,000
a colorfully painted yew jester half-mask with red circles on its cheeks - 2,500,000
a gnarled blood-red hand - 4,000,000
an ebon glass relic - 12,500,000

on the rack
a lacquered blackthorn humidor inset with an avian intaglio - 75,000
a rhimar-lined eel trap basket narrowed at opposite ends - 150,000
a glowbark pipe shaped into entangled branches - 250,000
a lump-riddled sailcloth dwarf doll - 500,000
some burgundy watered silk robes laden with black embroidery - 650,000
a slatted oak case set on cork feet - 750,000
a smooth white leather scabbard - 1,250,000
a jointed tortoiseshell repository colored in mottled tones - 1,500,000
an azure suede binder patterned with skeletal aspen leaves - 2,500,000
a braided feras-tipped whip - 25,000,000

Simple Blessings

Main Room

Dreamfire illusions; carving=#102, curio=#101
device=runestone holder
Vanishing Point =linen tunic
lace corset= ILAC
wrap and xiala= OTS Silken Lotus
sandals=Tall Shoes
tub= fully unlocked Rub-a-dub
sack dress=T5 Uncouth Wallflower
silk gown=T1 Shadowplay
faerie relic= illusion prop
earring=crystal holder
damask and laje gown: Metallic OTS
ornaments = T2 Aelotoi wing wear
Wig has bluebird resident
duaidz= unlocked Thehir Clothing

on the counter
a dull red golvern rosebud earring - 75,000
a corseted cloth-of-laje gown with marbled silk hip gussets - 75,000
a silver lotus silk vatanura painted with tiny teadragons - 125,000
a copper-trussed obsidian bourde gown - 175,000
a vert silk chiffon tea gown brocaded with bronze striations - 230,000
a visibly boned ebon lace corset - 250,000
an onyx-buttoned malachite raw silk shirt - 250,000
a triple-strand charm necklace of thin platinum chain - 300,000
a glimmering spun glass prism ornament washed in iridescence - 500,000
some green nephrite accents variegated with shadowy mottling - 500,000
a claw-foot white metal tub - 2,000,000
a sack-like plain dress - 4,000,000
a faerie-shaped relic of silvered glass - 8,000,000

on the table
a front-split leather riding skirt with storm agates - 25,000
a backless russet damask gown trellised with bronze plaiting - 35,000
a pair of fitted iridescent ivory snakeskin pants - 50,000
a pair of tan hemp sandals lofted on cork heels - 150,000
a side-buckled tan leather tricorn - 250,000
a serpentine vaalin-scaled earcap - 250,000
a knee-length tawny cameline tunic - 500,000
a vegetable illusion style curio - 650,000
an intricate brass device on a pocket chain - 650,000
an apparitions illusion style carving - 800,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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