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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 1

Lich Room ID: 337

squat red brick emporium with a veil iron door knocker in the shape of a spider

Shallimar's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

Welcome to Shallimart! Stock will rotate as my lockers clear out The more you buy the more you see Thank You Come Again

in the cabinet
a small glowing vial - 15,000
a tiny rubv-set compass - 30,000
a steel measuring stick - 50,000
a small blood-stained whetstone - 50,000
a pair of petite pink shoes - 100,000
a gleaming pink tourmaline tiara - 1,000,000
a jade-inlaid gold pendant - 1,000,000
a lapis-inlaid copper neckchain - 1,500,000
a veil iron discus - 2,000,000
a poplar-hafted zorchar javelin - 5,000,000
a steel-capped mesille runestaff - 5,000,000
a miniature veil-iron gong - 10,000,000
a rune-covered veil iron box - 20,000,000
a rune-covered veil iron box - 20,000,000
an ebon-framed miniature portrait - 999,999,900

on the table
an umber copper-flecked crystal - 30,000
a flint and steel linked by a silver chain - 50,000
a gold filigree wedding band - 50,000
a gold filigree wedding ring - 50,000
a thigh-length lapis-blue cloak set with diamond periwinkles on golden vines - 300,000
a low-cut purple silk gown with feather-trimmed skirts - 500,000
a long yellow silk tailor's tape measure woven with Four Winds symbols in alternating gold and silver thread - 750,000
a miniature veil-iron gong - 10,000,000

Shallimar's Weaponry

Main Room

~ the elementalist miniature is a seigery toy ~

on the hooks
an ornate drakar bastard sword - 500,000
a gleaming rolaren yierka-spur - 500,000
some old vultite studded leather - 750,000
an imflass military pick - 1,000,000
an invar-hilted imflass falchion - 1,000,000
a gold-edged ora-tipped whip-blade - 1,000,000
a gold-nocked yew composite bow - 1,000,000
an ora estoc - 1,000,000
a vaalorn military pick - 2,000,000
an oak-handled veil iron war hammer - 2,000,000
a wyrwood hand crossbow - 2,000,000
a damaged rolaren bastard sword - 2,000,000
a gleaming veil iron shield - 2,000,000
a black walnut-hilted longsword - 3,000,000
a hefty mithril close helm with a frosty rhimar faceplate - 5,000,000

on the rack
a scratched vaalorn shield - 80,000
a glowbark runestaff - 500,000
a fancy basket-hilted white ora khopesh etched with the likeness of an Ur-Daemon - 10,000,000
a spiked rolaren defender - 100,000,000

Shallimar's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

gold neckless is recharcgable spider rings teleport

in the chest
some ornate vultite double chain - 100,000
an inky black potion bag covered in bloodsplatter - 200,000
a bottle of tawny liquid - 270,000
a royal blue glaes longsword - 500,000
a burnished glowbark aegis - 500,000
a well-balanced glowbark runestaff - 500,000
some embossed light leather - 1,000,000
a heavy rolaren slab - 1,000,000
a heavy eonake slab - 2,000,000
a heavy golvern slab - 2,500,000
a heavy golvern slab - 2,500,000
a heavy veil iron slab - 3,000,000
a carved spiked villswood buckler - 5,000,000
a large octagonal glass jar - 10,000,000
a large octagonal glass jar - 10,000,000
a large octagonal glass jar - 10,000,000
a large octagonal glass jar - 10,000,000
a large octagonal glass jar - 10,000,000
a large octagonal glass jar - 10,000,000

on the counter
a petrified vathor club limb - 89,000
scribbled parchment - 100,000
a fringed pale blue wool shawl - 100,000
an opal-inset rose vultite shield - 150,000
a thin black crisp-paged ledger - 200,000
an etched spiked ora aegis - 200,000
a patinated bronze pin - 500,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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