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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 18

Lich Room ID: 363

moss-draped fieldstone shop with an etched copper roof

Redforge's Weaponry

Main Room

scalemail - 6x, t2, maxlight, 1CER damage padded brig, Gem pouch is .05lb locked gem script (gems only) - autoclose Black box - amulet ranger perm imbue box, altered analyze for info Short bow 5x Heavy sighted Sledge 4x Lesser bl-Ora (void flares), buffcoat is steam flaring fulls scorpion case is t1 pelt bundler bag

in the basket
a small treasure chest - 1,000,000
a birch-handled gornar-studded maul - 1,750,000
a monir-hilted vultite falchion - 3,200,000
a reinforced glaesine ball warmed by magma - 5,000,000
some white scalemail adorned with steel spikes - 45,000,000

on the counter
a hefty dark mithril spikestar with a carved bone haft - 225,000
a long hammered ora warlance - 225,000
a thin-bladed vultite khopesh with a silver basket hilt - 225,000
a well-balanced vultite hatchet with a black leather-bound grip - 225,000
some mithglin half plate - 780,000
a pair of black blood stained boots - 2,250,000
a sigil-incised azure blazestar necklace - 2,750,000
a massive black ora sledgehammer - 4,960,000
some dark steel bone-inlaid plate - 5,000,000
a hard albino scorpion shell case latched with a scorpion stinger - 6,000,000
a gear-laden leather buffcoat - 6,500,000
a banded sephwir short bow - 7,750,000
a perfect steel lance - 10,000,000

Redforge's Outfitting

East Room

++CHEST: Coat-of-plates 6x, t1 VOLN, maxlight Crimson haversacks are illegal weight .5lb deepenable to 100lb shoulderworns Phials are temporary eye color change, glaes sword boxfound enchanted ++CASE: In the case you will find enhancives White pantaloons are t2 rainbowear/toffit Greatshield is 6x Lajve swordbelt is t0 dual weapon displayer

in the case
a topaz-inset ora torc - 275,000
a tarnished vultite plate sack - 760,000
a veniom-hilted ora falchion - 800,000
a set of bone white leathers studded with tiny crimson glaes eyes - 850,000
a set of ebon leathers studded with bile green ora diamonds - 850,000
a large glass tobacco jar - 1,500,000
a simple star sapphire tiara - 1,500,000
some white spidersilk pantaloons - 5,000,000
a small locker expansion contract - 10,000,000

in the chest
a matte black glass phial - 195,000
a dark grey fireleaf runestaff - 350,000
a lustrous white pearl pendant - 400,000
a kraken-etched long ebony runestaff - 600,000
a lapis-inlaid pewter earring - 750,000
laje-buckled leather swordbelt - 1,250,000
an exquisite black ora-spiked maul - 1,250,000
a cushion-cut star sapphire talisman - 1,495,000
a muck-stained crafter's apron - 1,500,000
a jade and dragonfire opal necklace - 2,750,000
some scratched mithglin leg greaves - 2,950,000
a dark crimson cloth haversack - 4,000,000
a frayed leather harness - 7,000,000

Redforge's Weaponry

North Room

++FANCYPANTSY: Mithril plate 5x 2-slot fusion, half-plate +15 +4 Edged Weap Ranks(20) longsword 4x fire flaring, jerkin 4x steam flaring ASG10, longcoat - +1 dex bonus cloak aug chain 2-slot fusion and fully unlocked zests Brooch is a gold ring holder from EG 2007, Pike is +19 T2 Iasha Pike sancted+ambients for cleric/paladin Lances are elegant +2avd forged, 518 swings fire ebladed (will return to base metal when up)

in the case
a fossilized spider crab appendage - 499,999
a silver and indigo token - 599,999
a rolaren-cored silvery glaes knife - 750,000
a thick leather breastplate - 950,000
a miniature tidy tombstone - 999,999
a green-hued sandfly ornament - 999,999
a simple horsefly ornament - 999,999
a miniature triple ring-etched tombstone - 1,299,999
a mechanical ithzir pin - 4,750,000
a reinforced glaesine ball housing blue light - 5,000,000
a smooth ipantor short bow - 5,750,000
a glossy black glaes case - 8,000,000

in the chest
a razor-sharp vultite falchion with a spherical bronze pommel - 225,000
mottled thick parchment - 499,999
water-stained off-white parchment - 499,999
translucent sheaf of parchment - 499,999
a dense mosquito ornament - 599,999
a black ora falchion - 750,000
a set of bone white leathers studded with tiny crimson glaes eyes - 800,000
some vultite augmented chain - 800,000
a silver-threaded aquamarine byssus longcoat - 2,500,000
a well-balanced orase runestaff - 5,500,000
a set of buffed coppery mithril platemail - 7,500,000
a thick silvery oak box - 8,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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