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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 18

Lich Room ID: 363

dappled celadon marble boutique with a sturdy cross-gabled roof

Redforge's Weaponry

Main Room

++FORGED GOODS: all well-crafted are +2AvD (superior) forging ++THE REST: short bow 5x heavily sighted sephwir, pyro gloves +30 self-enchanted lightly zested UAC gloves treasure chest - bag of holding, blackened plate 4x, greater mood ambient zests further enchantable Barbed Spear - 4x/t1/shock spear T2/3 upgrades (2minor, 1lesser), Point for fireball Aug Chain 5x Crit Padded (5CER) and zests Vultite full plate - 5x sancted plate, Black box - amulet ranger perm imbue box, altered analyze for info

in the basket
a well-crafted bronze-hilted vultite falchion - 125,000
a well-crafted bronze-hilted vultite falchion - 125,000
a barrel-shaped green glass jar containing small troll teeth - 199,999
a long-necked glass jar containing large troll teeth - 199,999
some glaes arm greaves - 800,000
a small treasure chest - 1,000,000
a golvern-bound spiked rolaren targe - 1,250,000
a bronze-hilted golvern falchion - 1,950,000
a set of gold-linked vultite augmented chainmail - 3,950,000
a reinforced glaesine ball warmed by magma - 5,000,000

on the counter
a well-crafted bronze-hilted vultite falchion - 140,000
a sigil-etched illthorn runestaff - 350,000
a burnished rolaren-spiked maul - 400,000
a pale pink note - 675,000
some cinched cotton robes - 850,000
a malachite studded pewter headband - 1,750,000
some thick vultite full plate - 1,850,000
a chipped vultite fist-scythe - 1,950,000
an archaic mithril war mattock - 2,500,000
a suit of blackened steel platemail - 3,500,000
a banded sephwir short bow - 8,000,000
a weathered black ash box - 10,000,000
a cruelly barbed elven-crafted spear - 12,000,000

Redforge's Weaponry

East Room

++CHEST: Jewlery are enhancives. The non-enhancive jewlery are OLD-STYLE crystal amulet holders Bow - 4x, Acid/Gold Wand Eater, Falchion is +20 T1 Iasha, sancted, ambients for cleric/paladin ++CASE: In the case you will find enhancives, get them for info Bangle is a gold ring holder, faewood runestaff is +20, + dex, mana flaring Coat-of-Plates T1 Voln Brig enchanted to 5x by Symbion, Steel plate is 4x OTS Voln Full Plate

in the case
a well-crafted maple-hafted vultite handaxe - 55,000
a well-crafted maple-hafted vultite handaxe - 95,000
a topaz-inset ora torc - 275,000
a veil iron morning star - 450,000
an ornate golvern shield - 825,000
a lilac faewood runestaff - 2,500,000
a dull white ora falchion - 2,500,000
a green-hued burnished ruic longbow - 2,500,000
an etched platinum tiara - 4,500,000
broad lilac-outlined vellum - 10,000,000
a mixed scale and steel-riveted ivory leather coat-of-plates - 12,000,000

in the chest
a lustrous white pearl pendant - 400,000
a gold-traced azure blazestar amulet - 400,000
a dark green glaes short sword - 450,000
a dark razor-sharp cutlass - 550,000
a wire-bound pale crystal anklet - 600,000
a smoky topaz inset ora torc - 600,000
a lapis-inlaid pewter earring - 750,000
a kakore runestaff - 950,000
a dreamstone studded bronze crown - 1,500,000
a jade and dragonfire opal necklace - 2,750,000
a full suit of brightly polished steel platemail - 10,000,000

Redforge's Weaponry

North Room

++FANCYPANTSY: Mithril plate 5x 2-slot fusion, half-plate +15 +4 Edged Weap Ranks(20) longsword 4x fire flaring, jerkin 4x steam flaring ASG10, longcoat - +1 dex bonus cloak griffin pin - enhancive identifier/hider/etc., aug chain 2-slot fusion and fully unlocked zests Brooch is a gold ring holder from EG 2007, Pike is +19 T2 Iasha Pike sancted+ambients for cleric/paladin

in the case
a well-crafted maple-hafted vultite handaxe - 95,000
a birch-hafted golvern pilum - 345,000
an onyx-inlaid round mithril brooch - 450,000
a simple horsefly ornament - 999,999
a green-hued sandfly ornament - 999,999
a miniature tidy tombstone - 999,999
a silver and indigo token - 999,999
a fossilized spider crab appendage - 999,999
a miniature triple ring-etched tombstone - 1,299,999
a veil iron lance - 1,650,000
a suit of dark ora augmented chainmail - 1,950,000
a reinforced glaesine ball housing blue light - 5,000,000
a gleaming white ora pike - 5,500,000

in the chest
mottled thick parchment - 499,999
water-stained off-white parchment - 499,999
translucent sheaf of parchment - 499,999
a rolaren-cored silvery glaes knife - 600,000
some mithglin half plate - 650,000
a scorched jagged rolaren longsword - 950,000
a dense mosquito ornament - 999,999
a gear-strewn leather jerkin - 1,250,000
some vultite augmented chain - 1,500,000
a silver-threaded aquamarine byssus longcoat - 2,500,000
a stylized golden griffin pin - 4,950,000
a set of buffed coppery mithril platemail - 9,500,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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