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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 23

Lich Room ID: 359

rose-covered dark stone boutique

Paeony's Weaponry

Main Room

Aketon: (+27, -201, 8CER (120 services) critical, T1 Ensorcell, 10 lbs, double, loresong unlocked) Thrak Leathers: (+25, -93, 5CER (50 services) critical, spiked, 16 lbs, double) Sephwir long bow: (+25, -133, 10CER (150 services) critical, T1 Ensorcell, 3 lbs) T3 Eisenruck (2x Diamond, 1x Ruby)

in the cabinet
an oval-cut star ruby band - 40,000
an opalescent glass jar containing uncut rubies - 45,999
an opalescent glass jar containing uncut rubies - 49,999
a green garnet studded gold band - 50,000
a dark ora broadsword - 50,000
a dark ora handaxe - 50,000
a cracked invar handaxe - 60,000
a light yellow mithril handaxe - 65,000
an oversized violet toy giantman - 99,999
an ornate vultite greathelm - 149,999
a faenor-tipped ora langsax - 200,000
a scorched orase runestaff - 400,000
an ivory-inlaid pewter crown - 450,000
a sapphire-set sterling silver circlet - 450,000
a mangled steel spoon - 500,000
a beryl-inset pewter talisman - 500,000
a ruby-clasped gold mesh belt - 500,000
a chipped golvern war mattock - 1,999,999
a veil iron handaxe - 3,000,000
a twisted branch of wyrwood - 3,000,000
a mithglin-framed eisenruck with ebon suede panels - 4,499,999
a corroded vultite awl-pike - 5,000,000
a medium-sized bolt of elesine cloth - 5,000,000
a kroderine claidhmore - 36,999,900

Paeony's Weaponry

East Room

T3 White Crystal (509 Strength) Baldric Fully unlocked Creepy Stole

in the basket
a vial of sand-like liquid - 100
a pinch of powdered iron filings - 4,000
a topaz-inset platinum band - 150,000
a princess-cut white sunstone band - 350,000
a tourmaline inset platinum torc - 499,999
an ornate spiked ora aegis - 649,999
a swirling nexus orb - 1,499,999
an Adventurer's Guild voucher pack - 2,499,999
a silvery grey squirrel stole backed with pewter satin - 2,499,999
a gold-stitched storm grey ivory-adorned baldric - 6,499,999

in the bin
an urchin guide contract - 9,999
a diamond-edged black vultite falchion - 79,999
a jet black glaes battle axe - 99,999
a fel-handled mithril battle axe - 199,999
a mithril-edged rolaren backsword - 349,999
an Adventurer's Guild task waiver - 449,999
an orase-hafted vultite handaxe - 499,999
a bronze-tipped veil iron awl-pike - 700,000
a beech-handled vaalorn handaxe - 999,999
some scratched ora half plate - 1,000,000
a lapis-inlaid pewter earcuff - 1,249,999
a swirling yellow-green potion - 1,499,999
a rough fireleaf runestaff - 2,249,000
some old vultite arm greaves - 2,500,000
a sephwir composite bow - 3,000,000

Paeony's Weaponry

North Room

Bulk gems in jars and chrisms on the counter. vultite tower shield: +35, -385, holy armament, spiked, grapple flares, S3, T2 Ensorcell, T2 Grobey, 6 lbs [max], tower shield

in the caddy
an opalescent glass jar containing uncut rubies - 45,999
some hooded linen robes - 99,999
a kelyn-edged drakar falchion - 499,999
some long cotton robes - 799,999
a light yellow rolaren main gauche - 4,999,999

on the counter
a vellum sheet of music - 10,000
an iron-caged gilded ivory flask - 24,999
an opalescent glass jar containing uncut rubies - 45,999
an opalescent glass jar containing uncut rubies - 45,999
a gold-rimmed cracked ivory cameo - 50,000
a gold-flecked crystalline key charm - 50,000
a pink pearl inset eonake barrette - 150,000
an opal studded silver pin - 300,000
an ancient carmiln runestaff - 349,000
a glowing scroll - 449,000
a vultite-edged mithril handaxe - 699,999
a burnished spiked leather breastplate - 750,000
a heavy villswood runestaff - 999,999
some grey elesine sandals with twisted indigo suede ties - 999,999
a glistening kakore runestaff - 1,249,000
a large fireleaf runestaff - 2,000,000
a fuzzy tan angora blanket - 2,500,000
a sephwir composite bow - 3,000,000
an acid-pitted lor runestaff - 9,000,000
a large vultite handaxe - 10,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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