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Ta'Illistim - Room: 10

Lich Room ID: 730

smooth-hewn stone cottage with a wide maple shake roof

Nemmamindz's Weaponry

Main Room

The warclaidh is off the leader in an invasion storyline around koar and Kai. It has a really nice show and it is named The rolaren-edged imflass longsword is max light and +32

in the box
a bundle of kiramon tongues - 15,000
a bundle of kiramon tongues - 15,000
a razor-edged vultite troll-claw - 4,000,000
a carved ruic heavy crossbow - 4,000,000
an acid-stained ruic long bow - 12,000,000

on the table
some radiant crimson essence dust - 10,000
a cracked vaalorn war mattock - 50,000
an ale brown mossbark heavy crossbow - 200,000
an ayveneh potion - 250,000
a vultite pilum - 500,000
a troll sword - 500,000
a troll sword - 500,000
a blued and gilded vultite longsword - 600,000
a lavender vultite kaskara - 1,000,000
a mossbark quarter staff - 1,000,000
a villswood short bow - 1,000,000
a well-balanced carmiln long bow - 1,500,000
an enruned vaalorn spear - 2,000,000
a serrated black vultite badelaire - 4,000,000
a kelyn-tipped mithril Hammer of Kai - 4,000,000
a well-balanced mithril longsword - 4,000,000
a gleaming vultite estoc - 4,000,000
a damaged rolaren bastard sword - 5,000,000
a rolaren-edged imflass longsword - 17,000,000

Nemmamindz's Magic Shoppe

East Room

Greater mana-well potions will raise your max mana by 50 total points for 30 minutes Gold-flecked clear potion will add +20 TD againt elemental spells Oh yeah, Bayli is so chatty

in the chest
some essence of fire - 3,000
some essence of water - 3,000
an elegant kakore runestaff - 20,000
a dark grey mossbark runestaff - 25,000
a vultite-capped shortstaff - 35,000
a greater mana-well potion - 45,000
a smooth kakore runestaff - 50,000
an engraved orase runestaff - 2,500,000

in the trunk
an elemental core - 3,000
a crystalline flask containing a gold-flecked clear potion - 3,000
a star ruby - 25,000
a malachite-set sterling silver earcuff - 35,000
a deathstone inset platinum armband - 35,000
some supple light leather - 50,000
a fine silver ice krolvin statue - 50,000
an onyx-inlaid silver alloy bracelet - 50,000
a serpentine pink dreamstone ring - 50,000
an aquamarine studded mithril headband - 100,000
a vultite wall shield - 500,000
a cherrywood Leya sculpture - 500,000
an embossed mesille greatshield - 750,000
some full plate - 18,000,000

Nemmamindz's Weaponry

North Room

Khanshael waraxe is 5x and fire flaring and has a long lore song. It's from Hunt for History The 6x some rusty full plate has a very nice show The shiny vor'taz horns are imbeddible

in the chest
a shiny vor'taz horn - 5,000
an etched spiked vultite greathelm - 50,000
a heavy rolaren handaxe - 50,000
a black vultite boarding axe - 75,000
a carmiln aegis - 1,000,000
a double-bit rolaren axe - 3,000,000
an enruned platinum medallion - 3,500,000
a thick golvern greatshield - 4,500,000
some rusty field plate - 10,000,000
some half plate - 18,000,000

in the trunk
an ornate faewood aegis - 30,000
a stout rolaren-veined falchion - 75,000
a mithglin dagger - 100,000
an embossed spiked leather breastplate - 100,000
a mithglin bastard sword - 150,000
a serrated glaes halberd - 250,000
a thick-bladed sharp vultite katar - 1,000,000
a serrated dark glaes fist-scythe - 1,000,000
a dual-bladed golvern hatchet - 2,000,000
a razor-sharp black vultite hatchet - 2,000,000
a silver-edged black rolaren backsword - 2,000,000
a glaes-tipped ora lance - 4,000,000
a diamond-edged black vultite longsword - 4,000,000
a small veniom-bound armoire - 6,000,000
a blue vultite flamberge - 8,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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