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Mist Harbor - Room: 2

Lich Room ID: 3870

bloom-covered cozy bungalow with an ornate seashelled roof

Missandai's Outfitting

Main Room

Welcome to Missandai's Outfitting!
The suede nonalca, raw silk sash, waist-cincher, linen and silk sash are all meant to be wrapped around a garment.
The dupioni silk gown, velvet ballgown, faille gown, silk cotehardie, linen gown, and linen tunic are all able to be wrapped with items.
The crimson velvet atanika is an armor concealing garment that will hide leather, scale, chain mail and plate mail armor which
covers torso, arms and legs when it is worn.

on the counter
a pair of violet satin slippers with blocky imflass heels - 30,000
a brushed brown suede case secured with a pair of straps - 50,000
some aubergine suede pants set with panels of dark lace - 75,000
a sweeping ivory silk cotehardie - 75,000
a bustled scarlet faille gown - 75,000
a thin-strapped plum velvet ballgown - 75,000
a finely pleated crimson faille fan - 250,000
a haon-vaned blue ramie silk fan - 250,000
a fel-bladed verdant chiffon fan - 250,000
a gossamer and cloth-of-silver fan - 250,000
a nacre-beaded ebony jacquard fan - 250,000
a silver-trim blue wool greatcloak - 250,000
a delicate lacebark and copper fan - 250,000

on the display
a burnished gold fletching trimmer - 2,500
a square of fine grained sandpaper - 2,500
a gem-edged jade green shawl - 15,000
some lustrous red hairjewels - 50,000
a silver-linked wide ebon suede nonalca - 60,000
a floor-length red chiffon dress with draping bell sleeves - 100,000
a sheer-pleated smoky organza fan - 250,000
a vert-jeweled pale raw linen fan - 250,000
a gilt-spoked tawny byssine fan - 250,000
a viridian-spun dupioni silk fan - 250,000

Missandai's Outfitting

East Room

Welcome to Missandai's Outfitting!
A triple-tiered scarlet velvet cape is a Sprite Cloak.
The pearl-linked copper headpiece and the silver-netted circlet are Veola
The plaited kelp anklet, sea glass choker, sea glass bangle, sea serpent band, leather skirt, and silk chopines are Joola.

on the hooks
some braided bronze and ebon cording - 10,000
a tattered bandana headband trailing bits of string - 20,000
a seawater blue carved sapphire canister - 50,000
a seawater blue carved sapphire canister - 50,000
some eel-etched smoky quartz jewels - 50,000
some gleaming silver and ora rosettes - 50,000
a smooth ivory satin bliaut with tiny glass bead embroidery - 50,000
some thin black ivory hairsticks painted with silver swirls - 50,000
a silken golden bronze wig - 100,000
a ringleted copper red wig - 100,000
a smoothed champagne gold wig - 100,000
a lustrous cinnamon wig - 100,000
a heavy wool pea coat with large black buttons - 100,000
a pearl-linked copper headpiece suspending a tiny shell - 150,000
a plaited kelp anklet interwoven with cerulean reeds - 250,000
a calico-dotted white magnus opus dangling a fluffy tail - 500,000

Missandai's Outfitting

North Room

in the armoire
some ruby red velvet slippers - 25,000
a pair of jet leather boots with tiny platinum buckles - 30,000
an onyx studded dark red pouch - 50,000
a rigidly corseted gown of metallic bronze jacquard - 75,000
a long narrow-waisted ebony jacket with ermine-edged cuffs - 100,000
a full-skirted fuchsia silk gown with a rigidly boned bodice - 125,000
a linden-framed mint floral lace parasol - 200,000
a silk-tasseled ivory flyrsilk parasol - 200,000
an onyx vellum parasol with a floral-carved bamboo handle - 200,000
a haon-vaned lavender damask fan - 250,000
a pearl-bladed ivory feathered fan - 250,000
a leaf-clasped gold silk greatcloak - 250,000
an ora-spoked scarlet tartan fan - 250,000
a richly jeweled ebon brocatelle fan - 250,000
a blush-hued cendal gown bleeding into magenta at the hem - 300,000

on the mannequin
a gauzy black silk scarf fringed with delicate jet beads - 15,000
a silk-lined black lace gown - 75,000
a solid silver bracelet with enameled amethyst windflowers - 75,000
a floor-length cloth-of-silver skirt with metallic beading - 75,000
a knee-length silk skirt of alternating peridot and indigo panels - 100,000
a black and forest green gown with a textured velvet bodice - 100,000
pouch - 100,000
a flowing lavender velvet dress with tidal pearl accents - 125,000
a strapless ebon satin ballgown - 150,000
an ebon sarcenet cotehardie paneled with silver-woven figury - 150,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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