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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 14

Lich Room ID: 365

elegant speckled marble boutique with a gabled roof

Megdaline's Weaponry

Main Room

Welcome to my new shop!
Please look around and check things for more detail. COUNTER:
--Runestaves, Ranged and Brawling/UAC-- TABLE:
--Pointy and Blunts-- - Megdaline

on the counter
a horn-fronted ruic light crossbow - 50,000
a burled oak light arbalest - 50,000
a deep red rowan runestaff topped with a golden orb - 80,000
a burnished ruic light crossbow - 200,000
a dull lor runestaff - 300,000
a sturdy faewood runestaff - 300,000
a scorched faewood runestaff - 350,000
a gold-capped orase runestaff - 400,000
an exquisite faewood runestaff - 400,000
a scorched orase runestaff - 400,000

on the table
a quad-flanged vultite mace - 40,000
a silver-traced ebon vultite whip-blade - 50,000
a birch-hafted rolaren mace - 60,000
a blued and gilded vultite longsword - 60,000
a kakore-hafted vultite morning star - 60,000
a gem-pommeled vultite falchion - 65,000
a sanguine vultite trident - 70,000
a moonstone-set vultite khopesh with drooping quillions - 70,000
a polished vultite khopesh banded with vaalin wire - 70,000
a black vultite magari-yari with viciously serrated prongs - 80,000
a glaes-tipped vultite backsword - 90,000
a vultite crowbill - 150,000
an eonake battle axe - 350,000
a chalk white vultite naginata - 1,000,000
an eonake military pick - 3,000,000

Megdaline's Outfitting

East Room

Welcome to my new shop! CADDY:
--Enhanced Jewelry-- TCABINET:
* Gem Sack, Pouch - Scripted Gem but not super secure type
* Red Cloak - Rub for Side 2 unlocked
* Leather Bag - Locked
* Feathery Vellum - doo-hickey T2 unlocks
* Kit, Case, Box - Locked Gambling Kits
--EG 2018 spell preps--

* Feather Parchment - Ranger only

* Vellums - Flame=Fire, Damp=Steam, Opaque=Unbalance Ghezresh flares

* Hides - 630 - Megdaline

in the cabinet
a silver-buttoned blue and gold knapsack - 25,000
a leaf-embroidered bright crimson backpack - 25,000
a skull-buckled dark leather swordbelt notched along the edge - 25,000
a feathery soft white vellum - 50,000
treated goblin hide - 50,000
feather-edged parchment - 50,000
treated troll hide - 50,000
an etched red oak case with a silver latch - 100,000
a lacquered green pine box engraved with a diamond-shaped pattern - 100,000
a flame-edged red vellum - 100,000
a damp tattered vellum - 100,000
a scaled indigo leather knapsack with electrum-tipped ebon cords - 100,000
a gold-hinged rosewood kit painted with coins on the cover - 100,000
a red leather cloak embroidered with tiny yellow flames - 100,000
a fringed leather gem sack - 100,000
a drawstring suede gem pouch - 100,000
a thin opaque vellum - 100,000
an oiled light leather courier bag with polished faenor buckles - 100,000
a dingy linen haversack - 100,000
a slender wooden rod - 2,500,000

in the caddy
a polished red sunstone tiara - 50,000
a bone-inlaid sterling silver band - 100,000
a peridot studded mithril bracelet - 100,000
a flame-cut white starstone torc - 100,000
a coral inset ora pin - 150,000

Megdaline's Armory

North Room

Welcome to my new shop!
Please look around and check things for more detail. COUNTER:
--Shields and Accessories-- TABLE:

* Gambeson - +20 OTS Metamorphic (Armor to clothing) - Megdaline

on the counter
some ornate vultite arm greaves - 25,000
a ruby-inset white vultite scutum - 40,000
an iron bolted pure white rolaren shield emblazoned with a black sun - 60,000
a gleaming veil iron aventail - 100,000
a scratched veil iron shield - 200,000
an ornate golvern buckler - 200,000
a polished illthorn aegis - 250,000
an elven-forged golvern shield - 3,500,000

on the table
some stone grey gauze robes with violet-threaded sleeves - 45,000
some golden full leather - 50,000
some full leather - 50,000
a set of fitted purple robes hemmed with ebon flames - 50,000
a dark leather tunic - 50,000
some padded dark grey stalking leathers lined with silk - 70,000
some snowy white brigandine stitched with green dragonflies - 80,000
some tooled full leather - 150,000
an etched vultite metal breastplate - 150,000
a green and white leather gambeson secured with sinew - 150,000
some golvern augmented chain - 300,000
some flowing white linen robes - 800,000
some double leather - 900,000
some thick golvern-chased brigandine - 12,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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