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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 40

Lich Room ID: 348

charming white granite shop

Luxelle's Encore

Main Room

Welcome to the Lobby at Luxelle's Encore!
* Unlocked Mechanisms = PaperMakers, fully unlocked for mail system + postcards
* Messaging Teacups - Share a secret message
* ocean-hued wand is a wand holder, this one charged
* Wavedancer Casting gloves in case
* Scabbard = fully unlocked adjustable sheath
* Tricorn is Veola

in the case
an orchid-etched amethyst glass teacup - 75,000
a pair of vaalin-sigiled silk gloves - 500,000
a glossy cherrywood mechanism - 2,500,000
a bird's eye maple specimen board - 7,000,000

on the counter
a leaf-carved villswood medallion - 1,000
a leaf-carved villswood medallion - 1,000
a piece of alabaster stationery - 4,000
a bloodstained bronze ring - 5,000
a piece of flower-pressed papyrus - 10,000
a pair of black leather dancing shoes with silvery tips - 100,000
a silver-mounted satinwood stationery box - 300,000
a side-buckled tan leather tricorn - 300,000
a black cotton swathe - 500,000
a slim silver charm bracelet with leaf-shaped links - 550,000
a warped driftwood scabbard - 3,000,000
a glossy black leather binder - 4,000,000

Luxelle's Encore

East Room


at Luxelle's Finds, Props, and Adventurables * Pouch is Gem-Gathering, unlocked Super Secure Pouch * Figure=Chrism Holder, unalign * Jars/Bottles hold 50 items for gems / alchemy
* Hiding Sheath * Emblem=last Fallen Chrism Holders, aligned *Vivid Crystal=10 chgs Mystic Focus *Leafy Crystal=20 chgs Adrenal Surge *Smoky Crystal=20 chgs Spirit Shield *Rounded Crystal=20 chgs Bravery *Push Duster with gem,Joola(ish) *Push stockings with gem,Joola(ish)

on the rack
a satin and silk handkerchief skirt in violet and lavender - 23,000
a mesh cloth-of-gold carryall - 50,000
some ebon spidersilk stockings - 76,000
a worn leather wand belt clasped with a golden wyvern - 100,000
an ornate mithril greatshield - 300,000
a mithril and steel starfish figure - 300,000

on the shelves
some polished sterling silver goggles with smoky lenses - 3,500
a silver thyril-shaped pin - 12,500
a cocoa and leafy green crystal - 20,000
an ebon-infused smoky jade crystal - 20,000
a pale grey rounded crystal - 25,000
a red-tinged vivid golden crystal - 40,000
a mithril and steel starfish figure - 300,000
a mithril and steel starfish figure - 300,000
a blood red stone emblem depicting a hissing cat - 300,000
a pale green emblem painted with the image of withered grains - 300,000
an Elanthian Guilds voucher pack - 500,000
an ebon leather pouch with crimson braided drawstrings - 1,500,000
an ebon leather pouch with crimson braided drawstrings - 1,500,000

Luxelle's Recital Gallery

North Room


at Luxelle's ~~~ Featuring Dreamfire Illusions Bracelets and Needs ~~~ In the Chest: * All Bracelets T2 unlocked with 5 attachment points * All panels for sale have concealed side * Customization/Unlocks also in chest On the Display: * Cylinder is smuggling sack, INSPECT for worn location * Pouch and burnoose= Alchemical Attraction Auto-Jarring container * Robe is armor concealer, Analzye & Inspect for details * Sphere has 10 charges of Bravery

in the chest
a dreamfire color picker writ - 50,000
a dreamfire material picker paper - 50,000
a dreamfire gesture picker vellum - 50,000
a jade green cresting wave panel - 125,000
a red and white festival mask panel - 125,000
a colorful totem panel - 125,000
a rainbow butterfly panel - 125,000
a rising phoenix panel - 125,000
a quill pen panel - 125,000
a brilliant rainbow panel - 125,000
a golden firefly panel - 125,000
a blazing bonfire panel - 125,000
a colorful firewheel bloom panel - 125,000
a wavering modifier token - 300,000
a delicate skyglass raxiara - 500,000
a silver filigree lirveil - 500,000
a golden agara-fae wristlet - 500,000
a delicate skyglass raxiara - 500,000
a golden agara-fae wristlet - 500,000

on the display
a rich oak scroll cylinder secured with a golden anvil hook - 350,000
an incarnadine paeline robe embroidered with thread-of-gold scrollwork - 500,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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