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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 22

Lich Room ID: 358

ivy-covered grey stone building with a sturdy cross-gabled roof

Lanzerik's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

Welcome to Lanzerik's Shop of Tiger-Approved Goods! Please READ the weapons and armor in the basket and on the table to see the contents of their loresongs. The bloodstained leather survival kit on the table is a fully unlocked herb bundler: beltworn with a capacity of 50 lbs. The slender drakar skinning knives on the table are 5x fire flaring enhancive knives with +1 FA and +1 Survival. The thin pieces of flypaper are blank Flypaper Tattoos. All ember-hued gems are orb gems.

in the basket
an ornate villswood shield - 75,000
a scratched imflass shield - 100,000

on the table
a bone-inlaid mithril medallion - 50,000
a rune-etched gold earring - 100,000
a topaz-inset silver neckchain - 100,000
silver-edged indigo sheet - 100,000
a glass bottle of blue ooze - 100,000
a squat pale grey crystal bottle - 100,000
an onyx-inlaid red dreamstone talisman - 200,000
a piece of lavender species - 300,000
a sapphire-set platinum crown - 1,000,000
a handful of sparkling dust - 2,500,000
a slender drakar skinning knife - 5,000,000
a thin piece of flypaper - 5,000,000
a hazy green potion - 25,000,000
a weevil-motif rice paper certificate - 200,000,000

Lanzerik's Armory

East Room

Welcome to Lanzerik's Shop of Tiger-Approved Goods! Items in the cabinet and basket may be labeled with their loresong. Try READing them! If they have no labels, their loresongs will be temporarily unlocked. In that case, just GET them! The gems in the basket are full chrisms.

in the basket
a snowflake-cut ember-hued emerald - 10,000
a snowflake-cut ember-hued emerald - 10,000
a rolton-shaped ember-hued emerald - 10,000
a rolton-shaped ember-hued emerald - 10,000
a rolton-shaped diamond - 10,000
a rolton-shaped emerald - 10,000
a mastiff-cut ember-hued emerald - 10,000
a bear-shaped ember-hued emerald - 10,000
a tiger-shaped ember-hued emerald - 10,000
a paw-shaped ember-hued emerald - 10,000

in the cabinet
a large feras lance - 5,000
a thick vultite aegis - 45,000
an engraved ora flail - 50,000
an invar-tipped razern trident - 100,000
some polished light leather - 100,000
some flowing purple velvet robes - 150,000
some scratched mithril chain mail - 200,000
a polished orase shield - 200,000
some scorched double leather - 250,000
a walnut-hafted vultite war hammer - 500,000
a fine villswood runestaff - 500,000
some ornate imflass studded leather - 2,000,000

Lanzerik's Magic Shoppe

North Room

Welcome to Lanzerik's Shop of Tiger-Approved Goods! The clothing items in the caddy are critter-found and unscripted as far as I know. The items on the counter come from the Treasure Room in the Troubled Waters event. Their loresongs are temporarily unlocked, but some are also scripted so be sure to ANALYZE them. As always, please try to READ everything of interest to see if I put a label on it.

in the caddy
an indigo cotton vest - 1,000
a gold-edged light pink scarf - 5,000
a jewel studded midnight blue dress - 5,000

on the counter
a warped ivory wand wrapped with a strand of rope - 5,000
a hammered black invar band set with shards of polished blue sea glass - 10,000
a hammered black invar band set with shards of polished blue sea glass - 10,000
a hammered black invar band set with shards of polished blue sea glass - 10,000
a hammered black invar band set with shards of polished blue sea glass - 10,000
a blue-streaked emerald trident symbol - 15,000
a skewed sapphire prism earring suspended from a silver stud - 20,000
a quartered silver and gold tabard - 25,000
a sturdy mossbark arbalest set with curved deathstone nocks - 40,000
a salt-stained golden coin - 50,000
a gold and silver infinity knot pendant suspended from a golden chain - 50,000
some pale apple green robes with a profusion of frilly lace adorning the long belled sleeves - 50,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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