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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 32

Lich Room ID: 350

bloom-covered cozy bungalow with a shabby wood-shingled roof

Kialeigh's Outfitting

Main Room

All toys - scripted toys hoops - earworn piercing jewelry butterfly brooch - perfume holding jewelry ball pendant - Alternate Arkati OTS (could be further unlocked) rucksacks - max l/d auto closers device - fully unlocked sea creature Life Aquatic capture device

on the counter
an opalescent glass jar containing clear tourmalines - 19,999
an opalescent glass jar containing grey pearls - 42,999
an opalescent glass jar containing green sapphires - 58,999
a black-robed toy dark elf - 150,000
a scruffy toy half-elf fisherman - 150,000
a silver-winged red toy griffin - 150,000
an opalescent glass jar containing uncut emeralds - 199,999
a bright-eyed toy elven barmaid - 250,000
a tri-petaled snowy white trillium - 250,000
a full-skirted carnelian silk gown with sheer golden gossamer sleeves - 250,000
a flowing pale green silk gown with a scalloped eggshell underskirt - 250,000
a large shell inlaid toy chest - 350,000
a tawny whiskered full-face mask molded with feline features - 350,000
some tooled double leather - 2,500,000
a silver velvet cloak lined in sapphire blue satin and clasped at the neck with a moon-shaped sapphire - 4,000,000
a thin glass tubular device - 15,000,000

on the display
an opalescent glass jar containing pieces of carnelian quartz - 15,999
a pair of silver hoops dangling sapphire peacock feathers - 250,000
a pair of gold hoops dangling ruby wyverns - 250,000
a pair of faenor hoops inset with a trio of malachite beads - 250,000
a pair of carved gold hoops dangling jade oak leaves - 250,000
a blown glass ball pendant encapsulating tiny aquamarines - 250,000
a mottled pale orange amber butterfly brooch - 750,000
a rhimar-hued cotehardie of icy silver and azure marbrinus - 1,500,000
a rune-carved rolaren-plated rucksack with a gold scarab emblem - 3,000,000

Kialeigh's Outfitting

North Room

bourde gown - ezscripted (push, rub) ginger gown - Valinda gown black skirt - Stolen Goods (pinch, rub) wigs - change your hair feature chemise - short little black nightie crook - Sigil Staff (OTS) Juniper Bag - Survivalist Bag (herb bag/OTS) Alchemy/Potion Bags - scripted

on the counter
an opalescent yellow glass jar containing pink pearls - 49,499
a fake demon-carved tooth - 50,000
a soft leather alchemy bag embossed with a large potion - 150,000
a stained leather potion bag scorched with acid burns - 150,000
a leaf-shaped red alchemical bag with a small black leather tie - 150,000
a full-skirted silk gown formed into a cascade of blue hues - 250,000
a low-necked plum gown with overlapping cotton gauze skirts - 250,000
a short black chainsil skirt with a dagged hem - 500,000
a warm ginger gold flaxen gown tied with a raw silk cincture - 500,000
a corseted ginger silk gown with gauzy double-belled sleeves - 500,000
a veniom-laced brushed leather satchel - 500,000
a veniom-laced brushed leather greatcloak - 500,000
a veniom-laced brushed leather haversack - 500,000
a thigh-length black silk chemise with billowing bell sleeves - 750,000
a silvery blonde wig - 1,000,000
a long thick brown wig - 1,000,000
a wispy perfectly white wig - 1,000,000
a ceremonial elven-crafted longcoat - 2,500,000
a gnarled rowan crook wound with knotted yarn - 3,000,000
a juniper buckskin bag tooled in a foliated design - 6,000,000

on the pegs
an opalescent glass jar containing black tourmalines - 9,999
an opalescent glass jar containing green glimaerstones - 100,000
some dove grey suede riding gloves reinforced with leather - 150,000
a stiff leather potion bag with a large brass rolton-shaped clasp - 150,000
a fitted gown of tone-on-tone platinum and silver bourde - 500,000

Kialeigh's Outfitting

South Room

yellow dress - laceable dress all flowers are earworn flowers from 5109 Ebon Gate. Show as worn behind the ear and are heavily zested (wear, remove, turn, gaze, touch, push, smell, sniff) plum gown - basic gown (push, pull, turn, rub) veil - Mourning Veil (Pull, Push, Remove, and Wear) mithril pack - auto-closer, max L/D spirit change note/paper/slip - All change the spirit type (feline to canine, etc) in your animalistic weapon/shield/armor - snake is T2 Wermth

on the counter
a silver herringbone necklace suspending a sapphire peacock - 25,000
a pair of armored gloves with jagged knuckle-studs - 50,000
an opalescent glass jar containing bright chrysoberyl gems - 99,999
a startling magenta zinnia - 250,000
a wide-petaled vibrant fuschia plumeria - 250,000
a pink-tongued cranberry red orchid - 250,000
a brilliant ruby red zinnia - 250,000
a yellow-tinged cream zinnia - 250,000
a pink and white stargazer lily - 250,000
a star-shaped yellow snow lily - 250,000
a brilliant white moonflower - 250,000
a flaring short yellow silk dress - 250,000
a pink-edged niveous hibiscus - 350,000
a plum-centered fuschia hibiscus - 350,000
a peach-hearted crimson hibiscus - 350,000
a silk-lined plum lace gown - 500,000
a faded spirit change paper - 3,000,000
a spirit change slip - 3,000,000
a spirit change note - 3,000,000
a rosewood cricket box - 7,500,000

on the pegs
an opalescent glass jar containing polished red coral - 25,999
a lace-trimmed cloth-of-silver veil - 750,000
a shiny matte black blind snake with yellow-tinged nostrils - 1,000,000
a small wire mesh cage - 3,000,000
a polished mithril-plated pack with a tiny metal lever - 3,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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