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Solhaven - Room: 2

Lich Room ID: 9009

large beached hulk with a broken mast leaning over precariously

Katee's Kupboard

Main Room

~ Welcome to Katee's Kupboard ~

on the rack
a gornar discus - 5,000
a zorchar dart - 5,000
a waxed black leather pouch set with whorls of grey pearl chips - 25,000
a liquid-filled white orb - 50,000
a thick ivory wrist-cuff inset with a cerulean glimaerstone - 85,000
a long roseate satin gown with an ivory-slashed empire bodice - 100,000
a moon-shaped black tin pattern - 200,000
a daisy-shaped bright silver pattern - 200,000
an intricate silver parrot - 200,000
a stamped gold lemur - 200,000
a plain hammered steel human - 200,000
a star-shaped yellow invar pattern - 200,000

on the shelves
a coarse grey moonstone shard - 25,000
a bright red liquid-filled vial - 50,000
a dried zombie skin parchment - 50,000
a dried troll hide parchment - 60,000
a gold suede half-bodice with bloused deep blue cotton sleeves - 100,000
a front-laced deep blue silk shirt trimmed with embroidered silver trumpetvines - 100,000
a blackened steel shield - 100,000
a narrow-waisted twilight grey batiste gown - 104,000
a tailored aubergine silk gown with layered underskirts - 104,000
a raven-haired dark sorcerer miniature - 150,000
some white thrak hide gloves - 150,000
an embossed mithglin aegis - 700,000

Katee's Kollectables

Main Room

~ Welcome to Katee's Kupboard ~

in the case
a mithril chain hauberk - 40,000
a many-petaled twisted wire worry-toy - 55,000
a polished ivory bangle inlaid with lapis lazuli whorls - 55,000
a blue-tinged violet chainsil kirtle with silver satin cording - 100,000
a sepia-hued silk taffeta skirt with bronze buttons - 104,000
a two-toned ametrine chatelaine hooked with golden circlets - 104,000
a butterfly-cut silver mithglin pattern - 200,000
a firefly-cut brushed bronze pattern - 200,000
a coconut-cut brown imflass pattern - 200,000
a sprite-shaped green steel pattern - 200,000
a palm tree-cut white gold pattern - 200,000
a hibiscus-cut patinaed copper pattern - 200,000

on the shelves
a gold-edged peacock-painted saucer - 5,000
a gold-edged peacock-painted plate - 5,000
a gold-rimmed peacock-painted flagon - 5,000
a gold-edged peacock-painted bowl - 5,000
a flimsy villswood runestaff - 50,000
a dove grey linen tabard - 100,000
a glossy wine red kirtle with gold split chiffon sleeves - 100,000
a satin-cinched violet and gold kirtle with gauntlet sleeves - 100,000
a small unassuming iron can - 100,000
a dark-eyed blue wizard miniature - 150,000
a tulip-shaped pink vultite pattern - 200,000
a daisy-shaped bright silver pattern - 200,000
a braided tawny leather whip twined with a vultite barbed wire - 250,000

Katee's Keepsakes

Main Room

~ Welcome to Katee's Kupboard ~

in the chest
a fur-trimmed frosty claret kirtle - 10,000
a jagged white sunstone shard - 25,000
a broken white opal sphere - 25,000
a sleek copper satin kirtle edged in sorrel velvet - 100,000
a dove grey linen tabard - 100,000
a dove grey linen tabard - 100,000
a moss green brocade gown with a griffin and crown pattern - 100,000
a kirtle of ebony silk fastened with sanguine frog-loops - 100,000
a soft silk-weave linen gown in pale carnelian hues - 100,000
a rolaren-tipped runka - 200,000

in the footlocker
a flame orange shaman doll - 20,000
a gold leather piper doll - 20,000
a red-winged golden toy parrot - 55,000
a black cherry batiste bliaut laced with thin ivory ribbons - 100,000
a rosy-centered pale alabaster moonflower - 100,000
a faintly coiled wine-hued damask rose - 100,000
a pear-shaped pale ora pattern - 200,000
a cherry-shaped red iron pattern - 200,000
an apple-shaped polished vaalin pattern - 200,000
a note-shaped shiny brass pattern - 200,000
a moon-shaped black tin pattern - 200,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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