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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 1

Lich Room ID: 337

hexagonal stone building with a pair of large golden gryphon statues flanking the doorway

Gryphonwind Ventures

Main Room

Welcome to Gryphonwind Ventures

on the counter
a voluminous cloth-of-veniom satchel - 250,000
a voluminous cloth-of-veniom haversack - 500,000
a voluminous cloth-of-veniom greatcloak - 500,000
some polished vultite studded leather - 500,000
a light blue kakore runestaff - 1,000,000
an auburn vultite lance - 2,000,000
a bent lor runestaff - 2,000,000
a jagged vultite scimitar - 2,500,000
an orase runestaff - 2,500,000
a banded orase runestaff - 4,000,000
a cracked veil iron war hammer - 5,000,000
a mithglin falchion - 5,000,000
an invar-tipped rhimar seax - 5,000,000
an engraved mithril handaxe - 5,000,000
a burnished mesille runestaff - 5,000,000
a vultite dart - 5,000,000
a sturdy kakore runestaff - 5,000,000
a bejewelled sterling silver ring - 5,000,000
a carmiln composite bow - 5,000,000
a rolaren jackblade - 5,000,000
a gold-pommeled mithril longsword - 10,000,000
a ruby-handled vultite flail - 15,000,000
some fringed black woolen robes - 20,000,000
some vultite arm greaves - 25,000,000
a veniom bound warg pelt shoulder sheath inlaid with lambent gold warg's eye quartz - 999,999,900

Gryphonwind Ventures

East Room

on the counter
an earwort potion - 15,000
some embossed ora arm greaves - 2,250,000
a delicate antique sorceress' case emblazoned with a coiled golden dragon - 5,000,000
a marquise-cut blue sapphire torc - 5,000,000
a dented mesille runestaff - 5,000,000
a hammered imflass earcuff - 5,000,000
a scratched carmiln shield - 9,000,000
a battle-worn steel katana - 10,000,000
a scratched eahnor helm - 15,000,000
a spine-crested myklian stole with gleaming multi-hued scales - 20,000,000
some blue myklian scale armor bound with black vruul hide - 20,000,000
some myklian scale gauntlets - 20,000,000
a sparkling aquamarine barrette - 20,000,000
some old cuirbouilli leather - 30,000,000
a rune-worked veil iron langsax - 999,999,900

on the rack
a carmiln runestaff - 4,000,000
a sharpened rolaren naginata - 4,000,000
a spiked orase shield - 4,500,000
pouch - 5,000,000
an imflass mesh coif - 7,000,000
a rolaren longsword - 9,000,000
a sturdy gornar short sword - 10,000,000
some burnished full leather - 12,000,000
a vultite quoit - 30,000,000

Myharl's Office

West Room

on the desk
a dragon's head veil iron warhelm - 25,000,000
a metallic mein shield - 33,333,300
a black alloy moon axe - 999,999,900
a rugged old merchant's satchel - 999,999,900
a shadowy black alloy lockpick case - 999,999,900
a bone-hilted black alloy warsword - 999,999,900
a black alloy full shield - 999,999,900
an antiqued black sea glass bottle containing large yellow diamonds - 999,999,900
an antiqued black sea glass bottle containing royal blue boreal topazes - 999,999,900
a glowing bubbly green potion - 999,999,900
a heavy veil iron cashbox - 999,999,900
a black alloy moon axe - 999,999,900
a stygian valravn quill - 999,999,900
a tiny golden sphere - 999,999,900
a crimson drake dragon's egg - 999,999,900
a silver wyrm claw pendant on a dark cord - 999,999,900
a glass-paned veil iron lantern lit with a burning pure silver flame - 999,999,900
a merchant's guild official insignia of certification - 999,999,900
an antiqued black sea glass bottle containing faceted wyrm's heart sapphires - 999,999,900
an antiqued black sea glass bottle containing vinous gigasblood rubies - 999,999,900
an antiqued black sea glass bottle containing silver-white palladium nuggets - 999,999,900
an antiqued black sea glass bottle containing petrified warg fangs - 999,999,900
an antiqued black sea glass bottle containing lambent gold warg's eye quartzes - 999,999,900
an antiqued black sea glass bottle containing gold-green auroral emeralds - 999,999,900
a small stone oculoth on a chain - 999,999,900

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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