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Ta'Vaalor - Room: 17

Lich Room ID: 10461

elevated ashen canvas marquee

Gilded Talon Consortium

Main Room

Welcome to the grand opening of the Gilded Talon Consortium shop.

in the footlocker
a lace-edged niveous parchment - 5,000
a piece of parchment paper stamped with a dragon - 10,000
a piece of parchment paper stamped with a wolf - 10,000
a purple whip token - 25,000
a delicate imflass tiara - 75,000
a bronze-tipped gornar military pick - 220,000
a princess-cut pink tourmaline barrette - 400,000
a princess-cut white sunstone medallion - 500,000
some scorched spiked double leather - 800,000
a lapis lazuli inset gold crown - 1,000,000

on the table
a potent blue-green potion - 8,000
an Adventurer's Guild voucher pack - 10,000
an Adventurer's Guild voucher pack - 10,000
a small cloud token - 25,000
a dreamstone inset ora barrette - 50,000
a gold-edged mithglin scimitar - 75,000
a lily white orase runestaff - 85,000
an onyx-handled zorchar flail - 100,000
slender off-white vellum - 100,000
a gold filigree pink sapphire torc - 125,000
a broken eye-shaped tombstone - 125,000
a bright yellow circular tombstone - 150,000

Gilded Talon

North Room

Welcome to the grand opening of the Gilded Talon Consortium shop.

in the hutch
a filigreed gold stickpin - 45,000
a pair of thin leather gloves with narrow cuffs - 100,000
some veil iron augmented chain - 250,000
some polished reinforced leather - 400,000
a gold-capped mesille runestaff - 500,000
an engraved faewood runestaff - 2,000,000
an ora-tipped vultite naginata - 6,000,000

on the stump
a yellow cloud token - 25,000
a cracked jadeite egg - 50,000
a wave-stamped green orb - 50,000
a gold-sparked lor tree button - 125,000
an engraved beryl earring - 200,000
a candied troll eyeball - 200,000
a rune-etched pewter crown - 250,000
a starstone studded mithril crown - 250,000
a nicked spiked orase greatshield - 500,000
an orase-hafted vaalorn mace - 500,000
an ornate faewood runestaff - 500,000
some burnished full leather - 1,500,000
a sturdy faewood runestaff - 2,500,000
some blackened spiked vultite chain mail - 5,000,000
a fine-grained silver ruic composite bow with a spidersilk bowstring - 6,500,000

Gilded Talon

West Room

Welcome to the grand opening of the Gilded Talon Consortium shop.

in the case
a piece of parchment paper stamped with a unicorn - 10,000
a piece of parchment paper stamped with a lion - 10,000
a piece of parchment paper stamped with a crane - 10,000
a piece of parchment paper stamped with a proficient symbol - 15,000
a vultite discus - 40,000
a topaz-inset gold crown - 50,000
some aubergine velvet buskins beaded with purple black thunderhead opals - 50,000
a bent mithril yierka-spur - 75,000
a carved blue sapphire circlet - 75,000
a sigil-etched mithglin lance - 100,000
a glyph-etched platinum circlet - 100,000
a burled mossbark runestaff - 125,000
gradient ebon and blue vellum - 125,000
a crossed-out red circle sign - 125,000
a tiny brass disk - 125,000
a vegetable illusion style curio - 150,000
a malachite-set mithril armband - 200,000
a russet-veiled tilted mahogany suede hat accented with cobalt silk hellebore blossoms - 250,000

on the table
an ivory and star sapphire necklace - 45,000
a glossy wine red kirtle with gold split chiffon sleeves - 50,000
a light white paper - 100,000
a polished leather breastplate - 100,000
an ornate mithglin shield - 120,000
a banded villswood runestaff - 400,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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