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River's Rest - Room: 3

Lich Room ID: 10876

ironwood trading post with a thick grassy roof

Gargamish's Weaponry

Main Room

Welcome to the Rocine Family Trading Post, where we offer the finest goods at the lowest prices! All ammunition in the trunk is magically made, arrows an bolts both heavy and light are on display! Glaes - Disintergration Vaalin - Disruption Faenor - Grapple The whistles are fun everyone should buy one! The arrows in the basket are not normal ammunition. The white arrows cast light, the russet arrows and bronze-banded arrows are fireworks!!

in the basket
a sapphire and silver bird whistle - 10,000
a gold and silver loupe equipped with a multitude of lenses - 35,000
bundle of bronze-banded arrows - 40,000
bundle of white arrows - 40,000
bundle of russet arrows - 50,000

on the counter
a gnomish woodcarver effigy - 3,500
a bundle of drakar caps - 4,500
a bundle of drakar arrowheads - 7,500
bundle of blade-tipped bolts - 30,000
bundle of faenor-tipped bolts - 40,000
bundle of vaalin-banded bolts - 40,000
bundle of glaes-tipped bolts - 40,000
bundle of vaalin-banded arrows - 40,000
bundle of faenor-tipped arrows - 40,000
bundle of glaes-tipped arrows - 40,000
bundle of faenor-tipped bolts - 50,000
bundle of blade-tipped bolts - 50,000
bundle of glaes-tipped bolts - 50,000
bundle of vaalin-banded bolts - 50,000
translucent sheaf of parchment - 100,000
cloudy off-white vellum - 100,000
thin hoarfrost-rimed slip - 100,000
mottled thick parchment - 100,000
a blue monkey's paw trinket - 100,000

Gargamish's Outfitting

Main Room

Here you'll find an assortment of tools and survival gear for odd jobs at home or far afield. Horns for the hunt, cauldrons n' vat n' boilers for brewing potions. Lamps burn oil, the torches have a magic flame, the scepter holds wands. The parchments contain spells that can be applied to your body as a tattoo, for easy access. The gloves absorb magic, the mechanism casts mass blur, the charm makes you light as a feather. The baldric holds two weapons and the spyglasses are slightly enhancive.

in the cabinet
a skull-buckled dark leather swordbelt notched along the edge - 20,000
a cloth-wrapped ironwood torch - 20,000
skull-buckled leather baldric - 20,000
a rune-etched silver boiler - 25,000
a deep bronze cauldron with a carved ironwood handle - 25,000
a faenor-traced dark golden vat - 25,000
a scrap of tear-stained parchment - 50,000
a star-shaped red crystal oil lamp - 50,000
a vaalin-bound mist grey shard suspended from a rusty indigo chain - 75,000
a pair of thin black silk gloves with copper mesh palms - 150,000
a chestnut leather longcoat with a border of brass sprockets - 150,000
a thick grey ironwood scepter - 200,000
a gear-studded ochre leather toolbelt - 250,000
a mechanical bracer - 250,000
a flowing brown leather duster with brass cog-shaped buttons - 250,000

in the trunk
a color-stained cotton rag - 5,000
a knotted linen rope - 5,000
a scrap of onyx-dusted parchment - 20,000
a small gem-encrusted mechanism - 20,000
a glossy black steel cauldron - 25,000
a scrap of orange-tinged parchment - 50,000
a copper-banded iron spyglass with a tinted lens - 50,000
a cast bronze bracer inset with tiny brass gears and sprockets - 150,000
a dark leather cap lined with rivets - 150,000

Gargamish's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

Gold and silver strings can be added to stringed instruments,The plectrum and pick are for plucking stringed instruments The tuner and instrument case work with all instrument types. Leather straps can be added to many instruments The spheres make you disappear, Metal bands are handbuzzers, Envelope and card are for correspondence Silver steins are for toasting, The vial and bottle are a poison and antidote Crystals Fiery - strength, Pink - Bravery, the parchment, papyrus, and music are spell preps

in the trunk
a slender mother-of-pearl plectrum - 5,000
a ruby and gold toroise shell pick - 5,000
a polished brass tuner - 7,500
a glazed brown leather instrument case - 20,000
a polished silver stein emblazoned with an escutcheon - 50,000
water-stained off-white parchment - 500,000

on the table
a small shadowy black crystal sphere - 3,000
a wide metal band - 10,000
an opaline charcoal envelope wreathed with ivory branches - 10,000
an ecru card sketched with a fine-lined wyrwood sapling - 15,000
a smooth death mask - 35,000
an urchin guide contract - 50,000
a gold-flushed fiery crimson crystal - 50,000
a tiny colored string-wrapped vial - 50,000
a veniom-edged gold gravestone pendant - 50,000
a tiny frosted glass bottle - 75,000
an iridescent blush pink crystal - 150,000
a tortoiseshell card case - 150,000
thin hoarfrost-rimed papyrus - 250,000
a jointed tortoiseshell repository colored in mottled tones - 350,000
thin sheet of music - 750,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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