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Mist Harbor - Room: 9

Lich Room ID: 12268

dilapidated custom house with a weatherworn red clay interlocking tiled roof

Galenblackbard's Magic Shoppe

Main Room

All gems that are in jars of 20 are Orbs IF they are diamonds or emeralds.
Individual gems are Max value and non orbed if diamonds or emeralds.
Herbs and Skins are mostly intended for personal use buy at your own risk.
Confluence herbs are stocked as time allows do not expect 100% full stock.
Statues and magic items are fresh and unused but mainly for personal use.

in the chest
a granite triangle - 10,000
a smooth amber wand - 10,000
a small statue - 10,000
a dull gold coin - 10,000
a heavy quartz orb - 10,000
a small totem head - 10,000
a heavy quartz orb - 10,000
a small statue - 10,000
a heavy quartz orb - 10,000
a heavy quartz orb - 10,000
a heavy moonstone cube - 15,000
a small totem head - 50,000
a ruby amulet - 50,000
a crystalline prism - 50,000
a crystalline prism - 50,000
a gold-framed clear crystal lens - 50,000
a luminescent indigo mushroom - 250,000

on the counter
an elementally balanced core - 5,555
a dense earthen root - 10,000
a dense earthen root - 10,000
a dense earthen root - 10,000

Galenblackbard's Weaponry

East Room

The gold-edged mithril dagger has a damage weighted combat effectiveness rating of 8.

in the case
a sigil-etched mesille runestaff - 100,000
a flimsy hoarbeam runestaff - 100,100
an exquisite fireleaf runestaff - 100,125
a cracked faewood runestaff - 125,100
a lor runestaff - 156,789
an acid-stained lor runestaff - 175,125
a burnished lor runestaff - 200,000
a glowbark runestaff - 250,000
a silver-capped fireleaf runestaff - 275,000
an amber golvern mace - 350,100
a yew long bow - 750,000
a yew composite bow - 750,000
an ornate deringo runestaff - 1,000,123

on the counter
an invar-hilted vaalorn riding sword - 50,000
a dark grey mithril backsword - 50,000
a veil iron falchion - 350,100
a chipped yew short bow - 350,100
a gold-edged veil iron jeddart-axe - 500,100
an ora-tipped steel claidhmore - 1,000,000
a stout rhimar naginata - 1,100,100
a gold-pommeled imflass falcata - 1,250,100
a blue-tinged silvery vultite falchion - 1,250,125
an onyx-handled eonake Hammer of Kai - 2,000,000
a burnished yew heavy crossbow - 2,500,100
a gold-edged mithril dagger - 15,100,200

Galenblackbard's Armory

West Room

All items should be sung to.
If you find one that isnt please contact me for information about it.
Counter has Enhancives.
Case has Armor and Shields.

in the case
some polished double leather - 0
a mithglin augmented breastplate - 0
some old vultite half plate - 250,000
a tooled leather breastplate - 350,000
an old mossbark aegis - 350,000
some old imflass double chain - 350,000
an ornate veil iron shield - 350,100
some embossed mithril double chain - 500,100
a thick spiked leather breastplate - 1,000,000
an etched mithglin buckler - 1,000,000
a scarred leather breastplate - 1,250,000
a rectangular vultite greatshield riveted with silvery eonake - 1,250,000
a leather fisherman's apron - 2,500,000
a rectangular white vultite greatshield - 3,000,000

on the counter
an opal and emerald barrette - 40,000
a coral studded mithril necklace - 50,000
an agate-inset platinum bracer - 50,000
a marquise-cut alexandrite band - 50,000
a ruby-inset sterling silver pendant - 250,100
a malachite and golden topaz headband - 1,000,000
some veil iron double chain - 1,100,100

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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