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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 1

Lich Room ID: 337

opalescant white shop with an inviting arched entrance flanked by fairy statuary

Femereff's Outfitting

Main Room

~a white ora adze is an Iasha blade,
4x, battle axe base, sancted for paladin and cleric.

on the mannequin
a sleek scarlet moire silk gown - 50,000
an agate-inset imflass headband - 100,000
a dusky moonlit silver orb - 100,000
a moon-shaped pewter necklace cameo - 100,000
a semi-sheer mauve silk gown caught by gilded bronze chains - 200,000
a tooled silver alloy bracelet - 200,000
a radiant-cut pink dreamstone crown - 300,000
a clingy gossamer gown with a heart-shaped neckline and a row of ruby buttons from nape to hem - 1,000,000
a corseted mithglin-hued marbrinus gown subtly swirled with blended midnight blue and black - 1,000,000
a white ora adze set with a blazestar wyvern spreading its wings across a double blade - 1,000,000
a twisted black orase staff capped with a cluster of jagged asterfire quartz shards - 10,000,000
a pulsating blue sunstone earring - 50,000,000

on the table
a bright red heart-shaped button that reads, "Vote for someone with heart, Vote Femereff for Mayor!" - 1
a bright red heart-shaped button that reads, "Vote for someone with heart, Vote Femereff for Mayor!" - 1
a caramel bunny-shaped lollipop - 100
a large slice of birthday cake decorated with multicolored bunny-shaped sprinkles - 100
a faintly water-marked paper - 25,000
some seafoam fairy-wren pennae - 100,000
a pair of delicately embroidered dancing slippers with wispy spidersilk laces bearing dainty silver bells - 300,000
an archaic villswood long bow - 400,000
an elegant silver crown - 500,000
a small black animal coffin held with a wide shoulder strap - 1,000,000
a murky grey imflass estoc - 1,400,000
a soft tan watered silk cotehardie with a low-cut ivory lace bodice - 4,000,000
a handful of latrine paper - 100,000,000

Femereff's Weaponry

North Room

the bustled gown with bloodjewels is tier 1 rainbowwear.

in the cabinet
an elegant iron-shafted invar lance - 8,000
an elegant maoral-hilted mithril longsword - 10,000
a topaz-inset gold ring - 75,000
an old mithril aegis - 100,000
a heavy red vultite falchion - 125,000
a dual-bladed drakar handaxe - 150,000
a superior maoral-hilted rolaren longsword - 200,000
an artic titan vultite zweihander - 200,000
a rolaren-edged white ora-edged whip-blade - 250,000
a blackened rolaren chain hauberk - 250,000
a walnut-hafted vultite-spiked maul - 250,000
a thick fireleaf shield - 275,000
some polished light leather - 500,000
a spiked vaalorn chain hauberk - 600,000
a mithril aventail - 600,000
some vultite full plate - 900,000
some silvery rolaren scale mail - 1,000,000
some studded invar leg guards engraved with the visage of a frightened man - 1,000,000
a pair of sheer silken stockings with a floral-lace thigh band - 1,000,000
a fine faenor longsword - 1,500,000
an ornate vultite buckler - 2,000,000
an oak brown steel claidhmore - 2,000,000
a vultite skull-pommelled badelaire - 3,000,000
a fine illthorn runestaff - 3,000,000
a lor runestaff - 3,000,000

Femereff's Magic Shoppe

South Room

~The white ora mace is an original Iasha Mace from the wave dancer.~ ~the easel comes with a free paintbrush, See Femereff~

on the counter
an elongated red heart-shaped banner that reads, "Vote for someone with heart, Vote Femereff for Mayor!" - 10
a shell-shaped thin crystal pin - 25,000
a piece of golden fennec fur - 100,000
a vaalin-banded square glass jar - 100,000
an intricate gold music stand chased with electrum - 250,000
an etched mithril necklace - 300,000
a bristling blue steel krolvin - 499,000
a brilliantly painted macaw talisman - 500,000
a maoral monkey talisman - 500,000
a gold-framed clear crystal lens - 1,500,000
a wooden easel - 2,000,000
bone-spined black leather grimoire - 10,000,000

on the table
a red-eyed dark glass turtle - 5,000
an azurite brocade kirtle trimmed in lapis crescents - 25,000
a stack of canvas - 25,000
a polished ora kit set with a star-cut azurite clasp - 25,000
an orase shield - 200,000
a corroded faenor morning star - 250,000
a white ora mace - 300,000
a silvery gauze skirt with faenor bells along the hem - 300,000
a gold and star sapphire crown - 600,000
an opal-inset mithril alloy pendant shaped like a white barn owl - 1,000,000
a spiked mithril shield - 1,000,000
a pair of dwarf-sized steel leg greaves - 1,000,000
a pair of dwarf-sized steel arm greaves - 1,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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