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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 38

Lich Room ID: 346

moss-draped fieldstone shop with an etched copper roof

Draccor's Armory

Main Room

The axe has KO flares as well.

on the rack
a small icy blue sphere - 2,000
an opalescent glass jar containing white opals - 20,000
a rowan-hafted zorchar war hammer - 100,000
a pink pearl inset mithril necklace - 200,000
a polished spiked mossbark shield - 250,000
a scratched mithril greathelm - 250,000
a teak-handled eonake jeddart-axe - 250,000
a thick spiked vultite aegis - 350,000
a monir-hafted razern morning star - 500,000
a vultite handaxe - 750,000
a vultite dart - 750,000
a thick spiked leather breastplate - 750,000
an engraved silver crown - 2,000,000
a heavy vultite-tipped whip-blade - 3,000,000
a set of brushed mithril platemail - 5,000,000

on the table
a rowan-handled vultite trident - 150,000
a thick spiked vultite shield - 200,000
an imflass-spiked paingrip - 300,000
a marquise-cut star sapphire ring - 400,000
some thick cuirbouilli leather - 500,000
an auburn vultite mace - 750,000
some thick vultite chain mail - 1,000,000
a nicked orase shield - 1,000,000
a figure-etched stone epitaph - 1,250,000
some vultite spiked brigandine armor - 6,000,000

Draccor's Magic Shoppe

East Room

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to...

Our Ladies' Light The chalkboards can be written upon using the chalk.
The spectacles can be pushed up and rubbed clean for those long nights of pouring over manuscripts. The texts found here can be opened and closed, thumbed through, but not written in permanently.

on the counter
a small amethyst sphere - 2,000
an opalescent glass jar containing star sapphires - 18,000
a tourmaline inset platinum torc - 50,000
a cobalt suede belt - 100,000
a turquoise inset silver crown - 250,000
an etched vultite aegis - 250,000
a vultite war hammer - 250,000
a vultite dart - 400,000
a squat pale grey crystal bottle - 500,000
a potent blue-green potion - 500,000
a garnet-set gold torc - 500,000
a mithril huntsman figurine - 500,000
a lapis-inlaid sterling silver tiara - 500,000
an opalescent glass jar containing obsidian eyes - 500,000
a sapphire-set copper circlet - 750,000
a thin-bladed vultite handaxe - 750,000
a fine beryl headband - 1,250,000

on the shelves
a slim russet-hued cigar - 10,000
a coal black snake skin bodice - 250,000
a loose blue silk blouse with wrist-bound sleeves - 250,000
some scarred cuirbouilli leather - 250,000
a delicate mithril crown - 300,000
a lapis lazuli studded pewter necklace - 500,000
a silver bell-trimmed azure gossamer veil skirt - 1,000,000
a sunstone-set mithril sceptre - 2,000,000

Draccor's Magic Shoppe

West Room

Balta is a returner.

on the counter
an opalescent glass jar containing violet sapphires - 20,000
a glittering green orb - 20,000
a snowflake obsidian epitaph - 75,000
a kelyn-tipped vultite backsword - 75,000
some golden reinforced leather - 100,000
a silver-hilted drakar dagger - 100,000
an engraved mithril sceptre - 250,000
a beryl-inset sterling silver pendant - 250,000
an elegant orase runestaff - 400,000
an opalescent glass jar containing swirling purple thunderstones - 400,000
a delicate platinum earcuff - 500,000
a rich sunset orange orb - 500,000
a smoky topaz studded mithril crown - 500,000
a bronze and pink sapphire barrette - 500,000
a faenor-tipped vultite lance - 500,000
some etched vultite double chain - 1,000,000
a hammered mithril necklace - 2,000,000
an ivory-inlaid ora torc - 2,000,000
a rugged leather wand harness - 2,000,000

on the shelves
a steel-capped fireleaf runestaff - 75,000
a diamond-set sterling silver barrette - 125,000
an elegant copper earcuff - 500,000
some silver-heeled black leather boots - 1,000,000
a pink pearl studded ora bracer - 1,000,000
a vine-covered treekin mask - 1,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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