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Wehnimer's Landing - Room: 35

Lich Room ID: 352

rose-covered dark stone boutique with a sloped mosaic tiled roof

Darksin's Outfitting

Main Room

Attire as unique as you are!
Falling for Fall Fashions are here

It's the year of the Rolton!
This is home to last years rolton racing champions Cotton Candy and Carmella .

This year my champion was Bunny the rolton!
On The Shelf ~Fall sweaters,designer shoes,boots -Headbands are scented* hairstyle changers *just twist it ,zested bracelets anklets and Racing Roltons. In Basket - blank Writeable Cards, Stylus to write with.Bracelets with rolton bells and trinkets

in the basket
a silver-gilted pale vanilla card - 5,000
a rolton-shaped ora bell - 10,000
a marbled stylus of lustrous turquoise and white quartz - 75,000

on the shelf
an intricately woven bracelet of cinnamon amber foxes and red-veined gold maple leaves - 35,000
an intricately woven bracelet of bronze-veined yellow oak leaves and gold-chased ginger-suffused ametrines - 35,000
an intricately woven headband of dark crimson chrysanthemums and faceted incarnadine rubies - 35,000
an intricately woven anklet of pale orange asters and bronze-veined yellow oak leaves - 35,000
an intricately woven bracelet of heart-shaped crimson hazel leaves and faceted incarnadine rubies - 35,000
a twisted gold necklace suspending an oversized fuzzy brown tarantula - 35,000
a lustrous knitted maple leaf-patterned bright scarlet and fiery orange mohair bag - 45,000
a plush knitted autumnal-patterned dark amber and crimson chenille bag - 45,000
a delicate gold necklace dangling tiny glass jars of mottled death's-head hawkmoths - 45,000
a silk-bowed nacre velvet bag - 45,000
a pair of polished black leather shoes - 50,000
a knitted leaf-patterned golden yellow and dark russet pashmina sweater - 50,000
a plush knitted maple leaf-patterned crimson chenille sweater - 50,000
a lustrous knitted forest-patterned scarlet and fiery orange mohair sweater - 50,000
a pair of bewitching black web-outlined silk pointy-toed slippers - 50,000
a pair of greenish black slippers inset with tiny fuzzy baby tarantulas - 50,000
a pair of blush shimmering aqilorn dancing slippers beaded with tiny pearls - 50,000
a grinning carved pumpkin lantern lit with a burning vibrant orange flame - 1,000,000
a toy unicorn-horned silk rolton - 10,000,000
a toy crimson-eyed ebon rolton - 10,000,000
a toy mangy wolf-tailed rolton - 10,000,000
a toy dragon-tailed velvet rolton - 10,000,000

Darksin's Outfitting

East Room

TENT comes with cigar-patterned smoky fleece rug and brass oil lamp
Indigo fishing wire the BEST for NOT snapping

pipes,Morphing lizard bracelets.lantern can be used in tents

Harness is a Hidden Dagger Harness

Symbol = chrism holder complete with chrism
Coral and
Adder is a PET snake
Beard Clips have bugs in them you can swap out with
Bugs On Parade ,Death Sting Salve 6x

in the chest
an intricately woven wrist-cuff of blue-tinged onyx black scorpions and onyx thorns - 35,000
an intricately woven wrist-cuff of colorful river pebbles and Vornavian lightning blue crawfishes - 35,000
a knitted black and flame-hued wool hat - 35,000
a black leather-wrapped horn - 35,000
a banded coral snake - 100,000
some ornate vultite double chain - 100,000
a many-horned sand grey adder - 100,000
a smooth jade serpent symbol inset with brown agate eyes - 295,000

on the counter
a chalk white wolf skin sheath - 5,000
a tasselled serpent skin longcoat - 15,000
an Adventurer's Guild voucher pack - 19,500
a length of indigo fishing wire - 20,000
a coiled snake armband - 20,000
a fine-boned lizard skeleton bracelet - 25,000
a snake-chained gold necklace dangling tiny glass jars of furry brown wolf spiders - 35,000
an asymmetric tonal grey satchel - 45,000
an onyx-studded black leather scabbard - 100,000
an emerald studded silver scabbard - 100,000
a hammered veil-iron beard clip - 250,000
a green glass dragonfly pipe with colorful wings - 250,000
a gleaming blue imflass beard clip - 250,000
a bleached human skull lantern lit with a burning waxy yellow flame - 1,000,000
a supple black training whip interwoven with scarlet accents - 2,000,000
a folded brown canvas tent - 3,000,000

Darksin's Outfitting

North Room

Getting into the spirit of the holiday Fashions!
Look on the shelf , You'll
Mask,holiday sweaters and jewelry
stockings and skirts
ON the counter~ Aquatic Life
tubular device =capture sea life images and turn them into Gems,Candy or design for paper,cards fully unlocked

on the counter
a thin glass tubular device - 25,000,000

on the shelf
an intricately woven bracelet of silver-chased black jades and skull-shaped black ora beads - 35,000
an intricately woven bracelet of black bat flowers and black moonstone beads - 35,000
a short dark leather skirt - 50,000
a knitted ghost-patterned slime green and ghostly white sweater - 50,000
a pair of black rose lace stockings - 50,000
a pair of sheer silk stockings - 50,000
a pair of dark silk stockings - 50,000
a knitted spider-patterned greenish black spidersilk sweater - 50,000
a knitted skeleton-patterned ethereal blue and bone white sweater - 50,000
a feathery knitted raven-patterned deep black wool sweater - 50,000
a knitted witch-patterned black and purplish green sweater - 50,000
a fluffy knitted kitten-patterned pumpkin orange and deep black paeline sweater - 50,000
a pair of deep black leather open-toed shoes with ashy blackthorn heels - 50,000
a pair of lacquered snakewood blossom-buttoned albino viper skin shoes - 50,000
a knitted bat-patterned moonlight silver sweater - 50,000
a pointed dusty black hat - 50,000
a pair of stitched zombie skin narrow-toed shoes with segmented bone heels - 50,000
a pair of floral lace stockings dyed in vivid jewel tones - 75,000
a pair of scarlet-striped onyx silk stockings - 75,000
a teal-sequined mermaid-print mask - 250,000
a gold fleece-covered rolton mask with carved horns - 250,000
a black silk half-mask embroidered with a red dragonfly - 250,000
a golden stag mask set with widespread horns - 250,000
a cracked white porcelain mask with crimson lips - 500,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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