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Mist Harbor - Room: 12

Lich Room ID: 12271

simple shop

Dallinn's Outfitting

Main Room

on the counter
a tiny crystallized lotus - 1,000
a preserved orchid petal - 1,000
a bottle of chrysanthemum syrup - 5,000
a suede-looped sepia leather wand belt - 200,000
a weathered leather wand belt - 200,000
a flask of glowing blue ectoplasm - 200,000
a tightly woven steel mail coif - 200,000
a pale vellum-wrapped jar - 200,000
a vial of pallid sanguine blood - 200,000
a bone-chained white leather eyepatch - 200,000
a fake demon-carved tooth - 200,000

on the shelves
a pair of vaalin-sigiled leather gloves cut across the palms - 200,000
a mesh-backed silver jacquard mask framed by lacquered parchment feathers - 200,000
a blackened grappling iron looped with sturdy hemp-woven rope - 200,000
a gruesome severed head kite trailing crimson tails - 200,000
a grey-banded silk V'tullian nightjar - 200,000
a dent-laden aged metal tip cup - 200,000
an ivory-dotted plush chestnut wren - 200,000
a sun-bleached leather tricorn - 200,000
a hammered mithril barbute - 200,000
a banded copper rock thumper - 200,000
a lapis-sheened ebony silk crow - 200,000
a banded brass rock thumper - 200,000
a cape-sleeved gown of faenor-toned shot silk framed in ebon leather - 350,000
a split-shouldered gown of copper-toned jacquard awash in vivid crimson - 350,000

Dallinn's Outfitting

East Room

on the counter
an iridescent crimson pearl - 5,000
a silk-edged grey oiremere prayer rug woven in gentle waves - 200,000
a peppered cotton-crafted goatee - 200,000
some brown tweed pants reinforced with sun-bleached suede - 200,000
an onyx silk tunic buckled down the sides - 200,000
a pair of vaalin-sigiled silk gloves - 200,000
a pair of skull-shaped ivory marble dice - 200,000
metal-scaled black leather frog - 200,000
a curved glass offering bowl - 200,000
a teabowl charm - 750,000
a miniature caged eyeball - 8,000,000

on the shelves
a colorful firework - 5,000
a colorful firework - 5,000
a cross-tied brown burlap sack reinforced in sinew - 200,000
a golden toy chest charm - 200,000
a fluffy rolton-faced pin crafted from ivory cotton - 200,000
an iridescent teadragon-faced pin crafted from pale glass - 200,000
a flora-inked cream silk gem pouch framed in leather-crafted foliage - 200,000
rope-twined worn leather baldric - 200,000
duo of branded leather sheaths - 250,000
a pair of black leather boots with folded rivet-edged cuffs - 500,000
a miniature dollhouse pendant - 500,000
a miniature gilded toy chest - 500,000
a salt-stained ebonwood chest - 700,000
a glyph-etched pewter medallion - 5,000,000

Dallinn's Outfitting

North Room

on the counter
a fake jewel-set gold tooth - 200,000
a sun-faded linen bandana - 200,000
an onyx-winged indigo silk dragon - 200,000
a leather-scaled onyx dragon washed in gilt highlights - 200,000
some silk-latticed sandals hung with tiny enamel charms - 200,000
a long polychromatic feather boa dusted in minute glitter - 200,000
a rotund ochre suede dragon with a spiked tail - 200,000
a gold-bordered red parchment - 200,000
a shattered ivory bone mask set over jagged bronze mesh - 200,000
a mesh-backed black lace mask weeping pale glass tears - 200,000
an ebon-marbled grey velvet gem pouch traced in black branches - 200,000

on the shelves
a vibrant jack-o'-lantern kite baring crooked teeth - 200,000
an albino teadragon kite with gilt-flecked pink eyes - 200,000
a brass-riveted shoulder guard made of articulated leather scales - 200,000
a white-bordered red parchment - 200,000
a driftwood tentacle-like pegleg - 200,000
a cork-tipped curved iron hook with a velvet-cuffed handguard - 200,000
a violet-limned black bat kite - 200,000
a layered broom bristle beard - 200,000
an azure-tinted black velvet grackle - 200,000
a silver key blank - 500,000
a golvern key blank - 500,000
a bone key blank - 500,000
a rose gold key blank - 500,000
a glass key blank - 500,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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