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Solhaven - Room: 10

Lich Room ID: 9017

dusky blue riverstone shop with a cupola-topped oak roof

Bait's Outfitting

Main Room

Fletchings on shelves are as follows: Red: Fire Flares Blue: Cold Flares Black: Disintegration Flares Green: Acid Flares Grey: Grapple Flares Silvery: Unbalance Flares Violet: Disruption Flares White: Steam Flares The rough bone shafts will make bone arrows On counter: Various alchemy goods

on the counter
a dark spidersilk waistcoat - 250,000
a studded black leather harness - 250,000
a patchwork grey sharkskin harness - 250,000
a layered shadowy black overrobe - 250,000
a corroded vultite-studded maul - 442,204
a fel-handled veil iron war hammer - 641,114
a flimsy ruic long bow - 749,888
an ornate spiked orase shield - 777,888
a polished spiked imflass greatshield - 850,707
some glaes leg greaves - 1,001,115
an embossed spiked mossbark greatshield - 1,110,711
a waning-moon mithril aegis emblazoned with a rampant horse - 1,200,703
some thick spiked full leather - 4,000,000

on the shelves
a bundle of rough bone shafts - 10,000
an inky necrotic core - 25,000
a bundle of bright white fletchings - 66,000
a bundle of bright silvery fletchings - 66,000
a bundle of bright blue fletchings - 66,000
a bundle of shiny black fletchings - 66,000
a bundle of deep violet fletchings - 66,000
a bundle of bright green fletchings - 66,000
a thanot-hafted vultite mace - 390,817
some etched drakar schynbalds trimmed with fiery red fur - 901,106
a gleaming spiked vaalorn aegis - 930,116
some old steel augmented chain - 991,221

Bait's Weaponry

East Room

Stuff for Sale

in the case
an inky necrotic core - 40,000
a vaalorn dagger - 100,701
a fir-handled vultite war mattock - 222,888
a chipped ipantor light crossbow - 299,888
a glaes-tipped golvern halberd - 300,888
some scorched full leather - 499,888
an engraved vultite lance - 745,888
a sanguine vultite short sword - 750,305
a silver-hilted imflass longsword - 788,777
a polished fireleaf greatshield - 850,999
an oak-hafted glaes-studded maul - 990,405
some double leather - 1,230,125
a monir-handled vaalorn mace - 1,250,888
some long cotton robes - 1,499,888
some ornate vultite full plate - 1,999,888
a beech-hafted drakar naginata - 3,000,000
some scratched mithril studded leather - 3,000,888
some golden double leather - 10,000,888

Bait's Armory

West Room

More stuff for Sale

in the footlocker
a fel-hafted vultite war hammer - 299,888
a pearlescent white silk column gown with a silver-belted flyrsilk overlay - 330,809
a leaf green vultite broadsword - 550,000
an ora-studded vultite mace - 599,630
some old full leather - 666,888
a gleaming spiked imflass greatshield - 801,223
a thick spiked vultite greatshield - 880,222
some scratched glaes leg greaves - 990,205
an eonake falchion - 1,500,888
some imflass spiked brigandine armor - 5,000,888

on the shelves
a thin pale blue cloak - 150,000
an ora-tipped vaalorn trident - 499,888
a polished vaalorn greatshield - 800,629
a fel-handled vultite spear - 1,000,000
an ornate spiked mithglin greatshield - 1,111,122
a dainty deer skin mantle - 2,000,000
some polished full leather - 2,000,777
some old imflass arm greaves - 2,250,627
a glaes jackblade - 2,750,888
some vaalorn brigandine armor - 3,000,777
some ornate spiked rolaren studded leather - 6,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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