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Ta'Illistim - Room: 20

Lich Room ID: 16419

dingy red brick shop

Ambelon's General Store

Main Room

Olleren's Fur Emporium
All pelt bundles are 10 pelts of magnificent quality
Bundles can be handed in to complete bounties as long as all are of the requested quality or higher so let's get guilding!

in the trunk
a bundle of faeroth crests - 7,000
a bundle of kiramon mandibles - 8,000
a bundle of raptor feathers - 8,000
a bundle of faeroth fangs - 8,000
a bundle of leopard skins - 9,000
a bundle of trali hides - 9,000
a bundle of wight skulls - 10,000
a bundle of kiramon tongues - 10,000
a bundle of leopard pelts - 13,000
a bundle of vulture feathers - 14,000
a bundle of wight manes - 15,000
a bundle of madrinol skins - 15,000
a bundle of fungal caps - 20,000

on the table
a bundle of warthog snouts - 3,000
a bundle of goat hoofs - 3,400
a bundle of bighorn sheepskins - 5,000
a bundle of hawk-owl ears - 8,000
a bundle of ursian tusks - 10,000

Ambelon's Magic Shoppe

East Room

Rhunemeister's Forgeries
Weapons on the table are forged with +2 to AvD and 4% extra DF
Alchemy potions on rack
lilac potions cast purify air
glassy spheres regain a small amount of stamina

on the rack
a pinkish-grey tonic - 3,000
a crystalline flask containing a scintillating lilac potion - 5,000
a pink glassy sphere - 10,000
a crystalline flask containing a sparkling aquamarine potion - 14,000

on the table
a silver-edged steel short-sword with a thrak-hide grip - 100,000
a superior haon-hilted steel dagger - 100,000
a jagged dark steel longsword with a black leather-bound grip - 100,000
a superior haon-hafted mithril mattock - 150,000
a superior haon-handled mithril flail - 150,000
a superior haon-hilted mithril estoc - 150,000
a jagged mithril handaxe with a black leather-bound grip - 150,000
an imposing oiled mithril pilum with a gold wire-wrapped grip - 150,000
a silver-edged mithril longsword with a carved bone handle - 150,000
a well-balanced oiled mithril spear with a carved wood grip - 150,000

Ambelon's Weaponry

North Room

Krodak's Assorted Loot Room

in the trunk
a pale silk mithril-buckled vestment - 25,000
a tailored thick leather jerkin - 25,000
a silk-lined red snakeskin tunic - 25,000
a burnished mithglin mantlet - 49,000
some elegant green silk robes - 50,000
some cuirbouilli leather - 100,000
a spiked leather breastplate - 200,000
some golden spiked full leather - 200,000
some gold-lined cotton robes - 210,000
some thick light leather - 250,000
an ornate mithglin metal breastplate - 2,000,000

on the rack
a carmiln light crossbow - 15,000
a mossbark quarter staff - 25,000
a hoarbeam runestaff - 35,000
a flaxen razern-studded maul - 75,000
a beech-handled steel war hammer - 100,000
a dented deringo runestaff - 100,000
a sigil-etched ora crowbill - 100,000
a birch-handled invar javelin - 100,000
a stone grey vultite broadsword - 100,000
an oak-handled mithril war hammer - 300,000
a razor-sharp mithril sidesword - 350,000
a monir-hafted vultite spear - 1,250,000
a beech-hafted vultite halberd - 4,000,000

For those who don't know Xygon quit, and so his playershops haven't been updated since August. We've decided to pick up his burden and carry on.


I would like to add Psinet Atlas RoomID information for each shop. I need a file either correlating AtlasIDs with LichIDs or AtlasIDs with the numeric IDs from Xygon's original playershop maps. If you would like to do this, please email it to me.

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