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December 8, 2007

713 or 716: Major Disruption or Essence Ball

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As mentioned in this post I would like to see Curse changed to be verb based and then have 716 and 713 rolled into it as those two spells are just novelty attack spells and more or less match all the other curses in power.

This would free up 713 and 716 for different attack spells. Presently there is a gap in the sorcerer profession, we have low level attack spells that work fairly universally, we have DC, which is expensive and only really works on magical critters… with mana (on magical critters with no mana… often 2nd/third casts etc, it works for crap), and then FI, which is also mana intensive, risky to use to many areas, has many immune creatures, and of course leaves no treasure a large portion of the time.

What we miss is a mid-range attack spell that does damage on non-magical beasties, as well as a nice AS based spell.

713/716: Major Disruption, is a perfect solution. It more or less would look like the empath spell Wither but with slightly less power. Where the empath spell Wither is more or less a souped up version of 705, this spell would be a souped up version of 702 with multiple damage rolls on each cast. Also, like with my 702 proposal this spell would be modified by mana controls to increase damage possibilities.

Credit to Herod for coming up with this idea.

713/716: Essence Ball. The other option for these spell slots is a multi-fuction AS based attack spell of reasonable power (13 mana spell slot = good powered bolt spell, 16 mana spell slot = better bolt). Long ago I proposed a spell call psychic bolt that would hit the target with a ball of darkess, cause damage, and cause status ailments at the same time based on subsequent CS rolls (very much like empathic assault). I went through multiple iterations of this idea but the one I think I liked the most is the one where the target was afflicted with a random curse, or on really bad hits multiple random curses. So, you would have damage probably similar to 111, with maybe critters without souls and undead having a partial immunity, there would be splashes, like with other ball spells, with the splash targets being damaged, but also a small chance of being hit by a curse, then the main target would always be hit by atleast 1 random curse (shorter duration than a normal curse though, like how web-bolt gives shorter duration webs).

Damage (and splashes) would be increased by mana controls in aggregate.

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