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December 3, 2007

Curse Improvements & Disease

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Curse is a peculiar spell, unlike most other spells in game the affects of curse are controlled by stance, this is an artifact of coding practices that are over 10 years old, it is time to update curse to modern standards.

 You see, way back when, stance was the only way available to coders to differentiate spell types, and so curses became stance dependent, and the stance choices were mostly arbitrary. I know they were arbitrary because they were random. All sorcerers shared just 1 curse, the vulnerable TD lowering one, all others were randomly assigned to different stances.

GS4 changed that, it made the curses standardized based on stance, but what it should have done is gotten rid of the stance method altogether.

The better way to do this type of affect is through a verb. CURSE, like BESEECH for paladins or CURE for empaths, should be a spell verb allowing a sorcerer full access to their varying curses from any stance.

>curse seer vulnerable

>curse seer clumsy

>curse seer itchy

And so forth. The side benefit of doing this, is that no longer will the number of curses be limited by the number of stances, sorcerers could potentially have dozens of different curses if a GM wanted to code them. Not that I’m asking for that kind of coding resources, but the possibilities would be limitless.

What I would like to see is for Disease turned into a curse. Currently it is on the list of spells to be overhauled to make it more worthy of its spell slot. Considering what was done with 118, I’m optimistic about the possibility of gaining a nifty attack spell, however I think sorcery could gain a better attack spell if GMs were not limited by the concept of disease. So, I would like disease tucked nicely away into curse. Freeing up 716 for a new cool attack spell.

 Then we have options, such as we could move 713 to 716, thus freeing up 713, or move 713 to 716 and move 707 to 713, thus freeing up 707. So if you wanted a 7, 13, or 16 mana attack spell, the options are there. Finally 713 could also be folded into curse, thus freeing up 2 spell slots.

As they stand now 713 and 716 are more or less just novelties, like the different types of curses, I think they’d fit well merely as components of curse rather than their own standalone spells.

 As for what spells sorcerers could use. We’re the only pure profession without a native AS based attack spell. We’re also the only pure profession without an instant attack spell whose damage can be increased through native lore study. This makes our current attack spells weaker than those from other professions at high levels. Finally, a mass target CS based spell is often desired.  In the realm of non-attack spells, we also lag behind all other pure professions in the realm of AS boosters.


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