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(201) soft ivory powder

Submitted by Dimwit


Alchemy Discipline: Trinkets
Guild Taught: empath (doesn't mean exclusively)

You will need...:

  1. ingredient powder solution (sand-like liquid) (x1)
  2. ingredient soft white mushroom (x2)
  3. simmer (x1)
  4. ingredient centaur hide (x1)
  5. boil (x1)
  6. ingredient bright chrysoberyl gem (x1)
  7. chant 201 (calm) (x1)
  8. seal (x1)

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Submitted Comments:

Zuzana says:
This recipe works until you hit rank 15.

Myasarie says:
when used there is NO RT either very nice

Mikare says:
Where might the soft white mushrooms be found?

Deylina says:
Where did you people find Centaur hides?

Zuzana says:
Updated for ground gems: Some soft ivory powder: Add powder solution (sand-like liquid from the guild), Add 2 doses of soft white mushroom, Simmer, Add centaur hide, Boil, Add powdered bright chrysoberyl gem, Chant Calm, Seal

Centaur Hides at the lake around Sol Haven and mushrooms found around the Vortaz area in Illistim

Curthieus says:
Centaur hides found on the hilltop centaurs in Vaalor and the mushrooms are all over Yander's farm and the rambling meadows in Vaalor

Featherstripe says:
Centaurs can be found fairly close to the Landing on the Elven Nations Trail, past Vipershroud and the Locksmehr River in Glo'antern Moor.

Faite says:
Taught at rank 3.

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