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deep green volatile elixir

Submitted by Nilandia

Recipe was discovered on a papyrus on a bench. Its rank, discipline and guild is unknown, but an empath mastered in general and with 44 ranks of potions was able to make it. It has two sips, and when drunk before casting 130, it will completely negate motion sickness for a time. The effect continues for a time, allowing for multiple casts.

Approximate Difficulty: Rank Unkno
Alchemy Discipline: General
Guild Taught: Empath (doesn't mean exclusively)

You will need...:

  1. ingredient clear water (x1)
  2. ingredient powdered green garnet (x1)
  3. ingredient essence of vitality (x1)
  4. simmer (x1)
  5. ingredient faintly radiant dust (x1)
  6. boil (x1)
  7. seal (x1)

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Submitted Comments:

Evarin says:
I couldn't make it with 1 rank. Shocker, I know.

Artoriosdemer says:
Success as Empath Guild Master. Thanks to Aoife for the guidance :)

Kembal says:
No rep at rank 55. Zuzana got a rep at rank 51.

Gweneivia says:
failed at 42 ranks general 7 ranks potions 6 ranks trinkets.

Annorax says:
Doesn't appear clerics can make it. Grandmaster alchemist cleric was unable to.

Annorax says:
Doesn't appear clerics can make it. Grandmaster alchemist cleric was unable to.

Kembal says:
This is an empath potions recipe...will need ranks in potions to create.

Nilandia says:
Master-taught at rank 34 of empath potions.

Nindon says:
I tried this as a sorcerer and could not get it to work. This is what was in my cauldron right before I sealed it: "The iron cauldron is currently lit. So far, you've added water, powdered green garnet, and essence of vitality, simmered it, added faintly radiant dust, and boiled it." I do not believe it is general alchemy.

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