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(1107) glistening brown crystal disk

Submitted by Artoriosdemer

Creates a glistening brown crystal disk presumably to cast Adrenal Surge or give back stamina, will post once confirmed below.

Approximate Difficulty: Rank 45/46
Alchemy Discipline: Trinkets
Guild Taught: Empath (doesn't mean exclusively)

You will need...:

  1. ingredient Viscous Liquid (crystalline solution) (x1)
  2. ingredient fragrant white lily (x2)
  3. ingredient peach glimaerstone (x2)
  4. chant (1107) Adrenal Surge (x1)
  5. ingredient faintly glowing dust (x1)
  6. infuse mana (x1)
  7. ingredient vial of farlook vitreous humor (x1)
  8. boil (x1)
  9. seal (x1)

Purchase glistening brown crystal disk at the following player shops:

Submitted Comments:

Artoriosdemer says:
99% certain that it was given to me upon Rank 46 in Trinkets.

Kembal says:
This is not a 1107 trinket. It is the lesser stamina regeneration crystal/disk. Just verified this via the library research system.

Artoriosdemer says:
It was most definitely given as a Trinket, regardless what you want to call it. Please post on here if you get G.A. credit for it but I do not believe it would qualify as such.

Kembal says:
Oh no, I agree it's a trinket. :) It's just not the 1107 recipe. That's a potion.

Artoriosdemer says:
Oh! Haven't come across that one yet but figured to label it with 1107 as it requires it to make... not to mention haven't actually used yet :)

Artoriosdemer says:
After testing... for about 20 minutes increased the amount of stamina returned on each pulse by +23 for me with total stamina available of 118. One rub. Tried to have warrior friend (55ish) rub one and got stunned and very little chance of success at 16 ranks of magic item use for her.

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