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(405) rainbow-hued potion

Submitted by Dimwitt

the following was posted on the forums. please delete this recipe if it proves incorrect. the spell and the type of item seems pointless to me, it seems you\'d detect somebody else than yourself. Maskinya asks, \"Why don\'t I teach you how to make a rainbow-hued potion, hmm?\" She takes you aside and instructs you on the proper method of making a rainbow-hued potion. The recipe given is as follows: add water, add crimson dragonstalk, simmer, add iridescent piece of mother-of-pearl, add myklian scale, boil and chant the Elemental Detection spell.

Alchemy Discipline: Potions

You will need...:

  1. ingredient water (x1)
  2. ingredient crimson dragonstalk (x1)
  3. simmer (x1)
  4. ingredient iridescent piece of mother-of-pearl (x1)
  5. ingredient myklian scale (x1)
  6. boil (x1)
  7. chant 405 (x1)
  8. seal (x1)

Submitted Comments:

simmer says:
Elemental Detection pointless? I ritually cast that at myself everytime I am out in the wild, I cast that at any object found, and in potion form, other profession can now detect their own spell duration. btw I got that at rank 14 in potion, and ya beat me to posting it.

Drafix says:
405 potion is very useful. Think of all the boxfound imbeds and random trinkets that you find and have no idea what's inside. You could hand a 405 potion and the unidentified item to any profession and they can help figure out what spell is inside. I should also mention that it is impossible to detect spells outside of your spell circles on items.

Arlia says:
Which guild do you go to to get the mother of pearl?

Auratik says:
Is there an ingredient that will substitute for the crimson dragonstalk? The herb list says it is only in the Nations.

Extagen says:
Great Blog!

Extagen says:
Great Blog!

Asenora says:
Stops working for reps at rank 28. An aquamarine haze means it worked. No known substitute for crimson dragonstalk, which I've also wondered.

Lukemrh338 says:
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