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hazy silver potion (cure)

Submitted by Djynni Y\'Nabotyl

This was the cure for violet potion sickness that worked last evening at the meeting in the Amphitheatre.

Alchemy Discipline: General
Guild Taught: Wizard (doesn't mean exclusively)

You will need...:

  1. ingredient water
  2. ingredient lump of grey ambergris (x3)
  3. ingredient finely ground haphip root (x3)
  4. ingredient glowing firefly (x4) then BOIL
  5. ingredient giant glowing toadstool (x3)
  6. ingredient an Elanthian snow rose (x1)
  7. ingredient soft blue griffin feather (x1) then SIMMER
  8. ingredient powdered rock crystal (x1)
  9. ingredient essence of vitality (x2)
  10. ingredient vial of aelotoi tears (x1) then SEAL

Submitted Comments:

Dimwitt says:
the ambergris MUST be ground up >read tome Page 13 reads: Hazy silver potion Add water Add 3 doses of ground haphip root Add 3 doses of powdered lump of grey ambergris Add 4 doses of glowing firefly Boil Add 3 doses of giant glowing toadstool Add Elanthian snow rose Add soft blue griffin feather Simmer Add powdered rock crystal Add 2 doses of essence of vitality Add moonlight-infused aelotoi tears

Siledryn says:
To my knowledge, as of 1:41pm (eastern)9/22/07, the vials of glowing Aelotoi tears have not yet been made available.

Athias Laerdaron says:
Does not count as a tough recipe at 32 ranks (no idea about before). Page 6 reads: Hazy silver potion Add water Add 3 doses of lump of grey ambergris Add 3 doses of ground haphip root Add 4 doses of glowing firefly Boil Add 3 doses of giant glowing toadstool Add Elanthian snow rose Add soft blue griffin feather Simmer Add powdered rock crystal Add 2 doses of essence of vitality Add moonlight-infused aelotoi tears ----- Fireflies come in tubes - when you put the tube in, it comes out as a firefly - when looking in the tube, it is a starfly.

Athias Laerdaron says:
The iron cauldron is currently lit. So far, you've added water, 3 doses of lump of grey ambergris, 3 doses of ground haphip root, and 4 doses of glowing firefly, boiled it, added 3 doses of giant glowing toadstool, Elanthian snow rose, and soft blue griffin feather, simmered it, and added powdered rock crystal, 2 doses of essence of vitality, and moonlight-infused aelotoi tears.

Athias Laerdaron says:
My point on my last two comments is - this cure does in fact work. Plat had the cure portion of the storyline. I had 32-12-12 ranks when I created it, and it did not give me any ranks in boiling for a tough recipe. Likely you will be able to create this potion at around 15-20 ranks in general alchemy. I don't know any any other requirements.

Fleurs says:
To collect the fireflies, you need one glass tube from the Solhaven pet shop for each. At night, go to a meadow and WAVE the tube around until you collect it. When brewing the cure, make sure you LOOK at the tube to make sure your fireflies are still alive before putting the tube in the cauldron!

Syrinia says:
On the officials we were told you didn't actually need to have any alchemy ranks to make the cure. This may be true, but I found that you cannot use a personal cauldron to make it, I think it must be in the Guild to work. Waste of hard to find ingredients in this case, as didn't find this out until I tried the first boil and was told that I could practice Alchemy at the Guild. Just a heads up. Three lumps of grey ambergris and four fireflies (120k+) was an expensive lesson.

Asenora Le'Nelyn says:
This potion can in fact be brewed using a personal cauldron. The fireflies are abundant at all times of day, mainly in meadow-like areas.

Clewan says:
The Aelotoi tears can be bought in the backroom of the landing herbist. At this time they cost 7k per vial

Naijul says:
They can also be bought in the Vaalor Herbalist Back room for 7k, not sure if it's been mentioned or not

mereyko says:
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