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(502) pale pink crystal (recipe #2)

Submitted by Tsoran

According to Fleurs, this recipe is unchanged.

Alchemy Discipline: Trinkets
Guild Taught: wizard (doesn't mean exclusively)

You will need...:

  1. ingredient crystalline sollution (x1)
  2. ingredient pink topaz (x1)
  3. ingredient scraggly orc scalp (x2)
  4. chant 502 (x1)

Submitted Comments:

Jadrie says:
The recipe given is as follows: add crystalline solution, add pink topaz, add 2 doses of scraggly orc scalp, simmer and chant the Spell Store spell. Rank 7, Trinket.

Tsoran says:
There are FOUR critters that drop scraggly orc scalps. **ONLY** the plains orc WARRIORS's scalps will work. Scalps from plains orc scouts, plains orc chieftans, and plains orc shamans will NOT work.

greenheath says:
typo in crystalline solution, in the ingredients list is one 'l' to many.

This recipe stops giving reps at 20 ranks of trinkets.

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