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lesser mana potion

Submitted by Virilneus

Earvarl asks, \"Why don\'t I teach you how to make a lesser mana potion, hmm?\" It takes you aside and instructs you on the proper method of making a lesser mana potion. The recipe given is as follows: add water, add s\'ayanad crystal, add faintly glimmering dust, simmer and add glimmering essence shard.

Approximate Difficulty: Rank 28
Alchemy Discipline: General
Guild Taught: Sorcerer (doesn't mean exclusively)

You will need...:

  1. ingredient water (x1)
  2. ingredient s'ayanad crystal (x1)
  3. ingredient faintly glimmering dust (x1)
  4. simmer (x1)
  5. ingredient glimmering essence shard (x1)
  6. seal (x1)

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Submitted Comments:

Fleurs says:
This restores 25 mana.

Dimwitt says:
You can't drink one right after another for a fast fillup.

Virilneus says:
anyone know when this stops working for ranks?

Virilneus says:
still works at 41. now if only essence shards were like opinions.

Virilneus says:
as of 45 no longer works.

Kithus says:
I've been hunting the new level 60ish minotaurs in plat and I've pulled 8 glimmering blue essence shards in 3 or so hunts. Just as a heads up.

Asenora says:
A sea green haze means the mixture was a success.

Zephyrwinde says:
Glimmering blue shards do not work for this recipe. Nor does the arch wights in Ice Mule carry the glimmering essense shards

Zephyrwinde says:
Correction, they do work. just make sure the dust you use is extracted from ayana crystals

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